KDDI’s Data Strategy Is a Balance of Two Opposing Forces: Business Efficiency & Corporate Governance

Data democratization and building a data-driven organization are typically the responsibility of Business Units & IT. At KDDI, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Japan, this responsibility sits within the Finance Department.

In this session, members of KDDI’s finance team will share how they expanded their data strategy across their organization and throughout the entire KDDI Group. They’ll summarize key points from their four-year journey with Domo and highlight how they balance two opposing, but critical success factors: achieving greater operational efficiency and strengthening governance.

Find out how Domo helped them to become a powerful two-way player within their organization, just like Shohei Otani, a Japanese MLB player for the Los Angeles Angels, who excels as a pitcher and an infielder.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why and how an enterprise finance department established a data-driven organization with Domo.
  • How KDDI crossed the chasms of deployment, operation, and expansion.
  • Best practices for improving efficiency and strengthening governance.
  • How the Domo project expanded beyond the KDDI head office to the whole KDDI Group with more than 47,000 employees.”


  • Takashi Waku 和久貴志, General Manager, DX Promotion Department, Corporate Management Division, Deputy Director, Sharing Service Promotion Office, コーポレート統括本部 経営管理本部 DX推進部 部長 兼 コーポレート統括本部 シェアードサービス推進室 副室長, KDDI CORPORATION KDDI株式会社

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