How to use external data in business intelligence and data science

With any analytics, predictive models, or business forecasts, it is imperative to account for external economic, demographic, and weather factors that could be impacting your business.

This workshop will demonstrate how to use control features in your business intelligence efforts. Evaluate and interpret control features and put them in context to communicate to business owners. There will be working example of how to identify and access control features and integrate them directly into Domo. You will be given access to the Ready Signal platform to allow you to utilize control data yourself.

This is working session and you will be encouraged to follow along with your own data during the session. Business users will leave with Domo cards and templates, and data scientists will be provided with R/Python scripts to enable all users to quickly evaluate how different control features may be interacting with your data and business, all within Domo.

This workshop will be done in the context of Belle Tire, a tire, wheel, and automotive service retailer. There will be a working demonstration of how Belle Tire identifies external factors to include in their Business Intelligence efforts and improve data science forecasting to drive deeper business impact.


  • Baylen Springer, Chief Executive, Ready Signal

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