Bring Confidence into Play: Pairing Strategic Planning with Data to Transform Marketing

In this session, Jeremy Stone from Titleist Vokey Wedges and John Faris from Red Door Interactive will explain how upfront planning and ongoing use of Domo have helped transform this leading golf brand’s marketing efforts while driving real results for the business. Tactical marketing data is easy to come by, but rarely useful if it doesn’t ladder up to a larger strategic plan focused on achieving business objectives. This session includes:

  • A framework that ensures your measurement strategy matches your business strategy
  • 5 key questions to ask yourself before planning your marketing dashboards
  • Common MarTech tracking issues and enhancements to consider
  • Practical tips to transform your marketing organization’s culture towards data-driven decision making
  • How to align your marketing tactics and KPIs with financial outcomes

Jeremy Stone, Director of Marketing at Titleist Vokey Wedges
John Faris, President at Red Door Interactive

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