Empowering Your Organization Through Integration, Transformation, and Applied BI Strategies

The last mile of analytics is more than just data visualization. In order to be a truly modular, composable, and agile enterprise in the age of constant disruption, you need to have: strong foundations in cloud data integration; augmented BI workflows; and ways to deliver more sophisticated data products across lines of business. This panel explores how data agility principles lead to a diverse selection of use cases and success stories.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How businesses are making more informed business decisions, driving strategy, and solving problems more efficiently with Domo
  • What it takes to develop data agility, and why doing this is critical
  • Best practices to further improve your company’s data agility through data integration, transformation, or applied and advanced analytical tools

Moderator: James Richardson, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner
Megan Fortenberry, Director, Technology & Continuous Improvement, RWI Logistics
Erika Janowicz, Senior Director, Business Intelligence, RXA
Sierra Duncan, Analyst, Disney Streaming Services
Frédéric Serval, Global Search & Analytics Strategy Director, LEGO

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