“Weitz & Luxenberg can now determine the most effective means of customer acquisition based on the client persona and costs associated with reaching that person through various platforms. In short, our marketing dollar goes significantly further then before and our competition.”

Bill Denninger

Director of Strategy, Weitz & Luxenberg

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. is a large personal injury and medical malpractice law firm headquartered in New York, specializing in asbestos litigation. The firm also specializes in medical malpractice, consumer protection, and environmental protection litigation.


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Company Size

450 employees


  • Utilize real time data to determine the optimal customer journey
  • Identify bottlenecks and anticipate issues before becoming problems
  • Determine the most effective means of customer acquisition


A journey to data-driven decision making.

Weitz & Luxenberg needed a BI solution which didn’t require an expensive developer to build useful reports and which would do more than just deliver data for data’s sake. Bill Denninger, director of strategy, and Yehia Said, director of operations, knew they needed a solution which could meet their requirements without compromise.



Primary considerations included:

  • Data Hygiene: How easy it is to fix the data? how easy it is to connect data
  • Self-Service: How easy is it for users, both from an analyst perspective on building out the data and from a business end-user perspective, such as a paralegal or attorney?
  • Interface Usability: Is it hard for end-users to click through and drill down into deeper insights?
  • Technical Capability: How are data sources integrated, what connectors are available, and are there data set limitations?
  • Overall Functionality: How easy is it to turn data into insights that will drive meaningful action?

After testing technical requirements, Weitz & Luxenberg took the rollout of Domo company-wide.


Insights with a purpose.

Weitz & Luxenberg wasn’t just looking to use data to surface superficial insights, but rather to combine a variety of independent variables and algorithmically calculated values to address key business questions and take action. Thankfully, Domo supports this virtuous cycle, enabling the firm to build projections that help the teams make smarter, data-driven decisions for the future.



Weitz & Luxenberg uses Domo across the entire business. The following three use cases have changed the way that marketers, attorneys, and firm partners work with clients and prospects.


Marketing: Customer acquisition is not driven by whims.

As with many professional services firms, Weitz & Luxenberg spends significant amounts of money on marketing, customer acquisition, and building up referral relationships. Historically, this meant buying television and radio ads, and measuring success by asking prospects, “how did you hear about us?” Because Weitz & Luxenberg’s type of cases follow a strict supply and demand curve, quantifying the most effective use of capital is a significant advantage.

A comprehensive marketing dashboard replacing Excel-based lead reports resulted in the first significant improvement in their journey of data-driven decision making. With Domo, Weitz & Luxenberg now uses an intake system where a business user can move through the entire journey and understand when leads first entered the system, started to interact with marketing, became a retained client, and more.

The dashboard has become a primary asset for the marketing department, which uses it to improve marketing effectiveness, insights driven analytics and expansion to multi-channel communications across the web.


Client Management: Manage clients through data-driven decisions.

While law firms have not been considered ‘high-tech,’ in recent years many have started investing in digital transformation.

As Weitz & Luxenberg has seen two large challenges arise, they are using Domo to tackle these challenges head on:

  1. In partnering with various law firms, their database systems often don’t effectively communicate ‘outside of their four walls.’ Controls such as PDP, or the embedded analytics capabilities available with Domo Everywhere, have proven to be critical in working across organizations while helping simplify administration. This ability to universally collaborate with tools like personalized dashboards for clients and partners means the firm has opened up the landscape of potential referral partners.
  2. Disparate systems create the risk of things slipping through the cracks. In a law firm, mismanaged cases are a substantial liability concern; a retained case that was never filed, a missed statute of limitations, or a late response to motion a deadline all constitute potential malpractice. Domo’s comprehensive connections enable ‘exception reporting’, when it comes to case management. Within Domo the firm can now track and calculate risk along each step of a case to identify cases that get ignored and understand risk profiles. These ‘exceptions’ can then be properly managed through automated alerts.



Reporting: Comprehensive profitability, predictions, and projections.

Weitz & Luxenberg using Domo as the single source of truth has enabled the firm to predict profitability based on historical trends vs. a back of the napkin expectation of how much money the firm makes each year.

Now, the firm has detailed answers to questions like:

  • How long do cases take to get to the point of settlement or jury award?
  • What is our case velocity as they move through the firm?
  • Where can we make improvements?
  • How can cases move faster, and increase the velocity of revenue within the business?

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