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Timbers Resorts is a luxury developer of hotels, residence clubs and resort communities located in some of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Their portfolio includes an exclusive collection of resorts from Hawaii to the Colorado Rockies to Tuscany.



Departments using Domo


The challenge. Scattered Data | Sluggish Reporting

"Before Domo, our information was scattered. We were receiving information by filtering through emails and questions were being answered in silos. It was difficult to collaborate as a team."

— Greg Spencer | CEO

The results.

"With Domo, just from a reporting perspective, we’ve eliminated over 1000 hours a year. We no longer have to pull together reports for presentations, and I can make better decisions focused on our business. It helps me steer our organization."

Greg Spencer | CEO

"Domo has changed our environment. Now we can look at things instantly, and think about things on-the-fly. That was a shift in our culture."

Kaylie Finnis | Director Database Marketing

"One of the great things about Domo is the analyzer tool. It allows us to take a specific card and really extrapolate data based on different time frames and different metrics. It allows us to drill down to exactly the data we need."

Rachel Nettles | Managing Director - Marketing

"Domo has allowed us to ask questions we never thought possible because we weren’t able to see data at such a deep level. Now we are thinking about the future instead of looking at historical data."

Kaylie Finnis | Director Database Marketing

"We’ve been able to utilize Domo tools to help save money on our bottom lines and operational expenses. Domo helped save Timbers 19% in home ownership dues for one of our locations."

Lisa Richards | Asset Management Director

The bottom line.

Domo gives us the ability to drill down and get into specific sets of data. Before Domo we thought we were making 80% of our sales in five states. In reality, we were making 80% of our sales to 20 zip codes.
Greg Spencer | CEO

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