“Domo allows the right people to access the right data to aid in operational, tactical, and strategic decision making.”

Marco Cardoso

Head of IT at TheraSkin

TheraSkin is a Brazil-based pharmaceutical company focused on developing leading prescription and over the counter skin care products.



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This skincare company struggled to collect and validate data from disparate locations, keeping business users from making decisions quickly. 

Thanks to Domo, TheraSkin now has a single repository of verified, secure data. 

By making data instantly accessible and easy to consume through visualizations, business users can make operational, tactical, and strategic decisions with confidence. 


TheraSkin finds beauty in data with Domo.

TheraSkin is a Brazil-based pharmaceutical company focused on improving the health and beauty of skin across South America and around the globe. Thanks to its commitment to science and technology, the company is one of the leading healthcare brands in Brazil, with a portfolio of nearly 50 leading medicines and dermocosmetics.  

In order to continue to drive innovation in both its product development and the way it connects with customers, TheraSkin relies on Domo to deliver the adaptability required to maintain the company’s leadership position.  


“Domo lets us unify information from different sources in a single place in an agile, secure, and reliable way.”

Daniel Scherer | Head of Demand


Going beyond the surface. 

Before Domo, TheraSkin often found remarkable differences in information between all its different data sources, with no way to easily identify which, if any, was the correct version. Not only was it time-consuming to collect and verify data, but analysts would then have to spend more hours manually building charts, dashboards, and reports. By the time the data got into the hands of business users, it was often too stale to use effectively. 

“It was always a nightmare,” said Marco Cardoso, Head of IT at TheraSkin. “Worse than not seeing information is blindly trusting it and it being wrong. Wrong information leads to wrong decisions, and wrong decisions lead to financial losses.” 

Working with CADMUS and VIPWare as its implementation partner, TheraSkin used Domo to create a single data warehouse to manage more than 980 million records across multiple sources. This allows the company to easily provide business users with certified data for accurate decision-making while ensuring that data is only accessible to those entitled to it, allowing the company to maintain its security and GDPR compliance requirements.


Thanks to Domo, TheraSkin achieved its goal of creating a data-driven culture. To date, the company has created nearly 1200 cards distributed across almost 50 dashboards that are accessible via laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and displayed on monitors throughout the office. 


“The experience I’m having using Domo has been of great value for strategic planning at TheraSkin. Something that has caught my attention is the speed in the development of cards and dashboards and how assertive they have become, in addition to the data update alerts that facilitate the real time monitoring of our performance,” said Carlos Regis, CMO at Theraskin 

Focusing on the future. 

Domo is used across TheraSkin’s marketing, sales, operations, industrial, and demand planning departments to help business users understand the health of the business and identify new opportunities.  

Out-of-the-box charts and automatic alerts let business users save time accessing and understanding data so they can spend more time creating action plans. Insights are instantly accessible, reducing the time it takes to make decisions while allowing business users to dig into large data sets down to the SKU, prescriber, or point of sale level.


“In Trade Marketing, we use Domo to follow our fundamental KPIs, such as sell out of sectors visited, availability of products to customers, and inventory thresholds so that we can provide greater agility to the business,” said Marcela Domingos, Trade Marketing Head at TheraSkin. 

With the ability to better share and leverage data across the organization, TheraSkin is now better positioned to meet the needs of patients, customers, its medical partners, and other stakeholders. As the industry continues to shift toward a multichannel approach, Cardoso believes Domo will play a critical role in helping the company digitally transform its operations.  


“Domo ensures data transparency and consistency across all areas of the company. We are building a culture of ‘mass personalized’ access so each of us can take the right action faster.”

Marco Cardoso | Head of IT


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