"Domo provides a single version of the truth that is readily available to whoever needs it."

David Damitz

Global Business Intelligence Team Lead

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, TaylorMade Golf’s technological advancements touch all sectors of the golf industry with products like P·Series irons, Milled Grind 3 and Hi Toe 3 wedges, TP5/TP5x golf balls, and digital experiences such as the MyTaylorMade+ app.



Departments using Domo

BI, CEO/C-Suite, Marketing

Company Size

1,600 employees

This golf product manufacturer struggled to collect and share data across its global operations.

Domo makes it simple to automatically gather, cleanse, and visualize data while increasing employee access.

Domo’s mobile app means everyone from warehouse managers to C-suite executives can instantly access data and insights on their phone.

TaylorMade Golf drives business performance with Domo.

As one of the industry’s most innovative golf product manufacturers, TaylorMade Golf’s clubs, balls, and gear are trusted by PGA pros and weekend golfers alike. To power its operations and drive the next great breakthrough in golf, TaylorMade uses Domo to gather and share data across sales, marketing, operations, and leadership teams worldwide.

“We use Domo throughout the entire organization, from the people that build the clubs and work in the warehouse all the way up to our executives,” said David Damitz, Global Business Intelligence Team Lead at TaylorMade Golf.


Bringing data up to par.
While TaylorMade has more than 1,600 employees globally, the company only has five BI analysts available to support the organization. Before Domo, this small team found itself overwhelmed with requests. Too much time was spent gathering data from disparate sources across the organization and from external sources around the globe, leaving little time left over for analysis. In addition, their existing BI tools only had basic capabilities for data gathering or visualizations, keeping the organization from being able to fully leverage all its data.

“The reason we chose Domo was that we were ready to take the next step in our analysis journey to get more access to more data faster, more easily, so that our users can access it directly,” Damitz said.

Thanks to Domo, TaylorMade has undergone an analytics transformation that introduced a data-driven mindset from top to bottom. “When data was harder to access, people made decisions based on whatever information they had, using gut instinct to fill in the gaps,” Damitz said. “With Domo, we now expect people to have hard data to back up whatever decision is being made.”



Unlocking high performance.
TaylorMade uses Domo’s pre-built connectors to pull data from its internal sales, marketing, finance, and operations resources. They then combine that with industry data and partner data sources to create an enhanced view of the company’s health.

“Domo helped us improve our overall BI architecture by giving us access to more data than we’ve ever had before,” Damitz said. “Using the ETL tools built into the platform, we’re able to deliver curated datasets to end users, opening up their ability to do more and deeper types of analysis.”

As a result, TaylorMade is able to unlock new insights it can use to drive the business forward. For example, the sales team uses Domo to work with its retail partners to not only identify the bestsellers for each of its stores, but the bestselling products from across the region or at similar stores. This helps retailers discover new opportunities to stock potential bestsellers they didn’t have on their shelves before, which helps TaylorMade sell more products while strengthening retailer relationships.


For executives, Domo unlocked the ability to instantly access global daily sales data in a single dashboard. Because the data is automatically collected and processed using pre-set rules, executives don’t have to wait for someone to collect data from different regions. In addition, executives can easily filter the dashboard by region and products to answer questions immediately instead of waiting for additional information.

TaylorMade’s marketing team uses Domo to track the brand’s reputation and market share across global regions. The data is automatically collected from third-party data sources across different vendors around the world, and then transformed to deliver a unified picture of where the company stands in each market.

“It no longer takes days or weeks to pull that information together,” Damitz said. “Domo provides access and visibility that was impossible to achieve before.”


Delivering data everywhere.
TaylorMade uses Domo’s native mobile functionality to access all its insights no matter where people are or what they are doing.

Line managers in the warehouse are able to easily pull up data and dashboards on their phone to identify bottlenecks or anticipate inventory issues, eliminating the need to carry a laptop around with them. Data is also displayed on screens throughout the warehouse so everyone has equal visibility into the KPIs the company uses to measure success.

Meanwhile, executives can pull up the same visualizations they leverage at the office when they are out meeting with retailers, vendors, and partners during events and sales meetings.


“Domo’s mobile access lets us leverage data at the very highest levels of the organization all the way down to where people are packing up products and sending it out the door… By having all our curated data in one place, Domo provides a single version of the truth that is readily available to whoever needs it.” 

David Damitz | Global Business Intelligence Team Lead at TaylorMade Golf

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