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Departments using Domo


The challenge. Scattered Data | Manual Process

"We had amazing sets of data from our product, sales and consumer sharing teams, but they all lived in separate places, so whenever I had questions about those data sets I had to go to seven or eight different people just to get one answer."

— Jeremy Flynn | Jeremy Flynn

The results.

"By taking KPIs from the engineering team and applying them more seamlessly to KPIs from the sales organization, you’re able to unlock how you’re developing products, you’re able to set goals in real time, and you’re able to create narratives for your company that you never knew existed before. And with those narratives you’re able to make clearer and cleaner business decisions."

"Yes, I want to see the total amount of Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook shares, but I also want to see from whom those shares are coming. With Domo we can drill into aggregate shares on Facebook and see the demographics of those shares, or what devices people are using to share. We can find answers to questions that would have taken a week for our product or engineering team to turn around for us in a system that wasn’t easily query-able. With Domo we were able to connect those data sets pretty easily and find those answers right away."

"Before Domo we were relying on pulling spreadsheets into Excel, combining them, creating macros, and our team was spending 15-20 hours a month creating custom dashboards. Now the data refreshes itself every hour, every 20 minutes, every five minutes—we get to control the freshness of our data."

"When people in my position at other companies take on this role, they sit down and are literally handed Excel spreadsheet after Excel spreadsheet after Google doc after Google doc and an executive is saying, ‘Give me some answers. I need clarity.’ If you want clarity, the best way to get it is to throw it inside of Domo and start visualizing it."

The bottom line.

"Domo is the Mr. Clean of business intelligence."

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