“Leadership uses Domo immediately in our daily meetings. That’s how we start every day.” 

Megan Fortenberry

Director of Technology and Continuous Improvement

Based in the Greater Cincinnati area, RWI Logistics is a solutions-oriented logistics service provider that specializes in cold chain execution. RWI Logistics offers quality care and a customized approach to transportation management services, business intelligence to drive client insights, and relentless improvement opportunities.



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RWI Logistics struggled to maximize its use of data to power its logistics services.

Domo provides the data warehousing and analytics required to drive action.

RWI Logistics now uses Domo to inform decisions, improve customer service, and optimize reporting.


RWI Logistics delivers the goods with Domo.

Getting fresh produce to market isn’t as simple as putting a box of apples on the back of a truck. It takes the complex coordination of dozens of players across the supply chain — from farm to warehouse to store — and all the transportation in between. That’s where RWI Logistics comes in. This third-party logistics company specializes in providing customized refrigerated freight management solutions to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables get to the produce section without getting spoiled. For them, data is just as key as keeping food cold.


“We’ve worked hard over the last couple of years to build a foundation to expand our services, and Domo has been a key enabler to give us the resources and technology needed to do it,” said Megan Fortenberry, Director of Technology and Continuous Improvement at RWI Logistics. “Our growth strategy really centers around providing business intelligence to drive customer insights.”

Comparing apples to oranges.

When Fortenberry first joined RWI Logistics, she analyzed the company’s technology stack to see if the company was making the most out of its technology investments on a day-to-day basis.

“As I started to meet with each business unit, one of the major questions I asked was, ‘What do you do for reporting?’ What I found was that every individual gave me a different answer and showed me a different report,” Fortenberry said. “We were spending more time talking about where we got the data and why numbers didn’t match up instead of talking about the results and identifying areas where we needed to take action.”

At the same time, Fortenberry discovered another bombshell: data stored in the company’s transportation management system was due to soon be archived. As the company’s most critical system, it is the primary source that everyone in the company extracts data from. RWI Logistics didn’t have a data strategy in place that would allow the company to continue to make this data accessible in a data warehouse, creating a massive insight gap.

A fruitful relationship.

Fortenberry chose Domo to not only gain the ability to continue to access the data, but to ensure everyone has access to the same sources of data. “I wanted to make sure our business units could interact and engage with each other and have a single source of truth,” Fortenberry said.

According to Fortenberry, Domo gave RWI Logistics a system that makes it easy to connect to data sources, easy to perform data transformations, and easy to build visualizations. “I wanted a tool that could quickly produce impactful data visualizations that drive action,” she said. “I also knew I wanted a one-stop shop that provided a data warehouse and an analytics solution. Domo was one of the few solutions, if not only, that fit the bill. It just makes life a whole lot easier.”

Domo is now used by everyone from company leaders to business managers across finance, operations and sales teams to answer key business questions.


“We got our leadership team on Domo first. They use Domo immediately in our daily meetings. That’s how we start every day.”

Megan Fortenberry | Director of Technology and Continuous Improvement


RWI Logistics uses maps in Domo to track its loads as they make their way across the country, while complex sales spreadsheets have been transformed into accessible visualizations that provide insight at a glance: “I can look at a load variance card in two seconds and tell you exactly where our business volume is down and why. It opens the door to some really great conversations.”


In addition, RWI Logistics used Domo to improve its customer service while reducing its labor costs. By analyzing its inbound call volume, the team was able to create a heat map that shows how the company should adjust staff levels to handle peak call volumes by department. As a result, they were able to reallocate their call center schedules to ensure appropriate coverage during peak hours, reducing their missed call rate by about 50% while reducing overstaffing on slow periods like the weekend.

The cherry on top.

RWI Logistics has used Domo to not only transform its daily operations, but its annual board meeting “State of the Company” presentation. Before Domo, the annual review packet would consist of about 85 pages of spreadsheets and charts that would take roughly four hours to present. Once Domo was implemented, Fortenberry and her team built out the annual review as a dashboard. “It was a one-page dashboard and the meeting took 20 minutes,” Fortenberry said. “It was a record; it’s become a legend that we love to share.”

While Fortenberry originally assessed Domo to help RWI Logistics overcome its specific challenges, she soon saw the potential for it to do much more. “RWI Logistics is part of the Castellini Group, which has many other companies under its umbrella. I ended up making the recommendation to our CEO and CIO that Domo should be used for all the rest of our companies. And today it is, with 275 users and growing.” she said.

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