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Departments using Domo


The challenge. Limited Flexibility | Manual Process​

"We had really intelligent, skilled, analytical people spending too much time recreating recurring reports. At the same time, our company was growing and our reporting and analytical requirements became more sophisticated. We didn’t have enough time for our analysts to innovate, add value, and deeply analyze the data."

— Ashley Seamans | Director of Business Intelligence and Sales Operations

The results.

"Once we started using Domo, our CMO stopped relying on the Excel reports we had been creating and the marketing organization now uses Domo for their weekly meetings."

"With Domo, now it is very easy to have conversations about numbers. Everyone has the same data and we spend much less time on interpretation and reconciliation."

"Internally, our employees are continually sharing information, referencing trends, and data to make decisions. Now, teams across the organization are speaking the same language and moving faster."

"We wanted a solution that was going to be flexible enough to work for all of our departments and be a safe place for people to explore new ways of analyzing information. With Domo, we have that flexibility."

"One of the most valuable benefits of Domo is the real-time access to our critical metrics. We now work off of the same data sources that everyone has access to."

The bottom line.

"Domo allows us to validate our decisions in real-time and track success moving forward without adding hours, days, or even weeks to someone’s job."
Ashley Seamans | Director of Business Intelligence and Sales Operations

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