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Departments using Domo


The challenge. Siloed Data | Manual Reporting

"We had eight different platforms that stored data, and they all had a way to analyze data within the platform, but we were lacking a simple way to bring all of the data into one place. There was no way for our executive team to pull a comprehensive report quickly—you had to spend hours and be versed in eight different platforms to get what you needed. It was too much to ask of the team responsible for executing our strategic business objectives."

— Shane Harris | Manager Business Enablement & Analytics

The results.

"We are a very analytics driven company. When we were evaluating whether to go with Domo, we looked at how we could prove an ROI for implementing it. We were paying really high level, high-salaried individuals to spend at least 20 hours a month pulling reports. By automating the reporting, the ROI came in a very short amount of time. It was a no brainer."

Shane Harris | Manager Business Enablement & Analytics

"I had just finished building a dashboard for our founder that showed our budget, our forecasted bookings and our sales pipeline of new business, including the number of demos and the speed at which that business was converting. I was able to display that with the forecast that each department had committed to. He looked at me and said, ‘It would have taken me four days’ worth of meetings with the department heads to get this kind of visibility into our sales pipe!’ With Domo, he has it in minutes."

Shane Harris | Manager Business Enablement & Analytics

"Conversion rates are critical to us. With Domo, we know what our chances are of converting a lead from a certain source into a demo. Once we get into a demo, we know what our chances are of converting that into a closed deal, what the deal size is going to look like and how long it will take to close. Domo has allowed us to predict bookings with over 90% accuracy."

Shane Harris | Manager Business Enablement & Analytics

"As part of our forecasting and planning process, each department commits to certain benchmarks. In Domo, we can take all of those targets and pair them with actuals, so that we can identify areas where we need to make a bigger effort and course correct as needed."

Shane Harris | Manager Business Enablement & Analytics

The bottom line.

"Domo has systematized our strategy in a way that not only tells the team these are the things that we care about, but it specifically gives them feedback on how they’re doing in fulfilling their piece of that puzzle. I can focus more on constantly selling the big picture to everybody, and they inherently know what their contribution means to the rest of the organization."
Ryan Wedig | CEO

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