“There are things we can do now that we would have never been able to do before, period.”

Claire Morrison

VP of Operations

Philz Coffee is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in San Francisco, California, that focuses on making drip coffee. They employ 600+ people.



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Philz Coffee caffeinates its reporting process thanks to Domo.


Challenge: With many data sources driving input, and store locations across the country, Philz struggled to efficiently collect, connect, and share sales data in real time.

Solution: Philz uses Domo to quickly bring all its sales data and customer experience data together in one place.

Impact: Store leaders and company executives use Domo to easily track performance, visualize trends, and make smarter decisions.


Philz Coffee isn’t just another coffee chain. It’s an experience, with every cup brewed individually by hand to each customer’s taste. With more than 15 customized blends sourced from high-quality beans across the globe, Philz has gained a reputation as a leader in the coffee world, turning your daily cup of joe into a handcrafted and personalized delight.

Over the past few years, Philz has expanded from its single store in San Francisco’s Mission District to locations throughout California, the Washington D.C. metro area, and Chicago. Philz relies on Domo to help store managers and company leaders not only understand its business performance, but to ensure it delivers the same customer experience at its locations in Lincoln Park, Navy Yards, and Huntington Beach as it does at its original location.



Overcoming a bitter reporting process.

Philz began its Domo journey to help overcome a spreadsheet-driven reporting process it had long since outgrown. “When I joined Philz three years ago, my first project was to help find a BI tool that would let us make our reporting faster, efficient, and capable of getting into the hands of our store leaders,” said Christine Hsieh, Senior BI Analyst at Philz Coffee.

“Before Domo, sales data and transaction data were difficult to collect. That stuff doesn’t live in an integrated way anywhere else. Our analyst had to manually gather sales data from each store, which would take hours each month,” added Claire Morrison, VP of Operations at Philz Coffee. “We needed a data warehouse and something that could help us easily manipulate and transform data to create dashboards and visualizations. In addition, permissioning was really important. We wanted to be able to easily create one version of a dashboard and give access to the people who need it without having to duplicate a lot of work. Domo fit the bill perfectly.”

As Philz’ store count continues to grow, Domo has helped the company scale its reporting. Philz was able to eliminate 16 hours a month spent gathering all sales data into a report, which delayed report delivery. “Now that data goes right into Domo so everyone can utilize it instantly,” said Hsieh. “No one has to sit around anymore and wait for data.”



The perfect blend of data

After implementing Domo and connecting it to its data from in-store and mobile from each location, Philz launched a dashboard that store leaders could use to get easy access to data such as cups sold and the most popular blends at each location. Not only does this help store leaders better understand their performance, but it gives them the data they need to make operational changes to increase sales, such as making its more popular blends more accessible.

In addition to sales data, Philz uses Domo to carefully monitor the customer experience across each location. “We value our customers more than anything, so it’s important that we track how our customers are feeling and what their experience is like in the store,” said Morrison. “Culturally, it’s very relevant to us. By having this data at our fingertips, it helps area leaders and store leaders have a productive conversation about how stores are doing and what can be improved upon.”

“The great thing about Domo is that we’re not limited to just financial data,” said Hsieh. “As much as we want to talk about business success, it needs to be just one layer. Financial performance and customer experience are measured together for a true understanding of success.”



Brewing up new possibilities.

In addition to store and area leaders, Domo is used by executives back at Philz’ San Francisco headquarters to understand company performance in real-time so that everyone is using the same numbers when making decisions. Executives look at the Domo app on their phone to stay in touch with the data, while area leaders use Domo on iPads that they take from store to store as they meet with store leaders.

“We’ve definitely seen our use of Domo grow at headquarters,” said Morrison. “Everyone from the finance team to our supply chain team to our roasting plant team is using the sales data, while some are even building projects to help them better understand their own metrics. Domo has made every team interested in pulling in more data and looking at data more.”

“It’s been really exciting for me to see store leaders get excited about data,” added Hsieh. “It’s so accessible now and they’ve seen the possibilities of what we can do. There are things we can do now that we would have never been able to do before, period.”

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