“Thanks to Domo’s training, I’ve been able to convince CEOs of our platform’s value with just a few taps on my smartphone—an experience our sales team echoes.”

Darren Bonney

Chief Information Officer

Myfreight is an innovative Australian freight management company. Over five years ago, Myfreight launched as a start-up software business within their existing freight management business, and integrated Domo as its dashboard system. It manages end-to-end supply chain and logistics using its proprietary award-winning cloud-based transport management system (TMS).



Challenge: Myfreight’s out-of-date manner of managing their data had begun to impede their ability to deliver timely updates to customers.

Solution: With Domo’s scalable capabilities, Myfreight can relay large amounts of information at high speed and process over 6M calculations in seconds, serving best options to customers from the broadest range of sources available.

Impact: Domo has played a major role in an increase in operational efficiency, sales and revenue growth, and customer retention at Myfreight.

Before Domo

Previous iterations of Myfreight’s TMS faced difficulties when accessing real-time data from large numbers of sources both within and outside of the organisation, which had begun to impede the business’ ability to deliver timely information and updates to customers on consignment status. The market available system’s relative lack of agility resulted in users struggling to customise applications or add new features that would address demand amongst the company’s growing customer base:

“We realised that we could not only guarantee performance, but establish a hard-to-beat competitive edge by rebuilding our TMS as a fully cloud-based platform—one designed for maximal scalability and adaptability. In the process, we found ourselves in need of a data dashboard that could not only draw together a large range of fast-moving data types in real time, but also, simplify the consolidated information into something that customers could make split-second decisions with. When we discovered Domo, we were proud to be seen as the Australian pioneers of such powerful means of centralising and visualising huge amounts of data.”

After Domo

Knowing the data was out there but in systems that didn’t populate into an easy-to-digest format, Darren and his team created a Domo environment that would give real-time information to their customers, allowing for self-service management of delivery-related functions like purchasing, tracking, analysis, and documentation.

Operational Efficiency

Using Domo’s scalable capabilities, Myfreight can relay huge volumes of information at high speed to both transport carriers and freight senders in realtime. The company’s platform can process over six million calculations in just seconds, allowing it to serve up the best pricing and service options to customers and providers from the broadest range of sources available.

“The logistics industry moves faster now than ever before, and our customers rely on our platform to discover opportunities that they might otherwise miss when operating at that pace. For example, one of our clients uses our system to dynamically highlight freight requests as they’re monitoring operations from the warehouse floor, allowing them to optimise their fleet’s capacity and maximise utilisation thanks to Domo’s intuitive view of all resources at the client’s disposal.”


“Domo’s team has held nothing back in equipping us to translate their platform’s capabilities into meaningful solutions that directly answer our customers’ pain points—no matter the situation. Thanks to their training, I’ve been able to convince CEOs of our platform’s value with just a few taps on my smartphone, an experience our sales team echoes in how they’ve begun to demonstrate our new delivery and alert features—and their ROI—in all types of conversations with customers.”

Darren Bonney| Chief Executive Officer


Domo’s real-time data visibility and alert function also informs customers of potential issues or delays which could affect their costs and supply chain flow. One client with an urgent shipment to Tasmania, for example, was able to recoup tens of thousands of dollars when $17,000 was mistakenly quoted instead of the usual $400. Myfreight’s platform revealed the issue early enough to stop the shipment in time thanks to an overspend and error alert sent to the customer via Domo. Domo has played a major role in transforming the Myfreight software into a mobile-friendly platform, helping warehouse operations staff to stay agile and responsive in facilities as large as 40,000 square meters. Originally designed to be PC-friendly, Myfreight’s platform can now provide full mobile accessibility for monitoring and managing shipments, improving both the speed and security of freight handling for workers at every stage of the supply chain.

“In the old days of warehouse operations, it could take up to 20 minutes to get from one corner to another whilst picking freight orders. But Domo lets us access locations anywhere, making operations more flexible by allowing us to quickly modify warehouse mapping and alert breakdowns, delays, or supply shortages, no matter where our different team members are.”

Sales and Revenue Growth

Domo is now part of Myfreight’s sales strategy when pitching to prospective clients. With a full-time Domo trainer on site, Myfreight’s sales and commercial teams are trained to present Domo’s dashboard to demonstrate its agile and mobile-friendly functionalities.

Customer Retention

Myfreight’s innovative approach in the marketplace has brought significant satisfaction to their customers – especially when they see how the system can quickly pick-up inefficiencies and create a proactive environment for strategic decision-making in a matter of days.

“A lot of people don’t know the value of data for their business, until we demonstrate how incredibly powerful and quickly the system can turn that into actionable knowledge for key stakeholders. In one instance, we integrated all of our customer’s data with zero migrations or system redesign at a lower cost than they’d initially budgeted for. They’re now rolling out Domo and our platform across all 500 of their retail outlets in Australia, having seen the value of this data-led approach to transformation in tangible time savings and efficiency dividends.”

Results and Hidden Opportunities

Since Myfreight was launched five years ago, Darren and his team were able to grow the business financially by 78% in the last two years. The team now aims to create customised warehouse maps that will analyse labour costs and improve details of the supply chain process using data managed through the Domo platform.

“The amount of data, including Internet of Things data from our black boxes in our trucks and forklifts, that’s being fed into our system is incredible. We now have over 200 clients and over 700 systems plugged in, and Domo’s dashboard doesn’t slow us down one bit. That’s put us in a strong position to ask what’s next and examine the possibilities for more radical innovations to supply chain efficiency and performance for our customers.”

What’s Next

Myfreight’s focus is now to grow its business globally and leverage demand from large corporates with an international footprint in the US and Europe. Previously, its customers have mostly been SMEs in Australia, but the Melbourne-based company has begun its long-awaited expansion overseas into New Zealand as its first port of call – made possible by its cloud-born approach to transport management and supply chain data.

“Customers that have benefited from Myfreight’s system are now asking us to support them in their expansion overseas, something that wouldn’t have happened if not for Domo’s ability to integrate massive amounts of data in a secure, scalable and cloud-based environment. With Domo, we’ve been able to build a TMS that’s not only geared for customers’ growth, but directly enables our own for the foreseeable future.”

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