“I’m blown away with what Domo has been able to do in just a matter of weeks.”

Branden Jenkins

Chief Operating Officer

Medius provides software that automates invoice capture, processing, and payment, processing $200 billion in annual spend for more than 4,000 customers across 102 countries.


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Departments using Domo

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Challenge: Medius struggled with a lack of data visibility, which hindered its ability to make intelligent business decisions

Solution: Thanks to Domo, Medius now has complete visibility into its entire go-to-market motion.

Impact: Medius can now easily analyze the impact of its sales and marketing efforts and funnel efficiencies while identifying new opportunities to increase sales volume and velocity.


Medius gains complete go-to-market visibility with Domo

Because cash flow is the lifeblood of business, Medius is on a mission to help businesses pay smarter by using AI to automate how they capture, process, and pay their invoices. By automating the accounts payable process, Medius enables businesses to streamline operations and gain greater cash flow visibility.

But when Medius needs visibility into its own operational data, its people rely on Domo to capture, visualize, and share insights into its go-to-market motion. “I’m blown away with what Domo has been able to do in just a matter of weeks,” said Branden Jenkins, chief operating officer at Medius. “Users got immediate value out of the solution by bringing the data to life and using it to tell a story.”

Uncovering new opportunities

Before Domo, Medius struggled with data spread far and wide across disparate applications and clouds. As a result, the company lacked the data visibility needed to make intelligent business decisions. “Every department was always questioning the data. It took a heroic effort to put together an analysis. Users really struggled to look at data, analyze it, and take action against it,” Jenkins said.

As Medius explored potential solutions, it knew the traditional route wouldn’t work. “Consultants would come to us with proposals for big projects that would take the better part of a year. We were faced with spending millions of dollars to solve this problem, and I knew there had to be a modern solution. That’s how we found Domo,” Jenkins said.

Medius engaged Domo to conduct a proof-of-concept project attempting to solve one of its sales team’s biggest issues—combining all its go-to-market data together into cohorts to help analyze volume. “This was a problem we had already spent a lot of money trying to solve,” Jenkins said. “Within a couple of weeks, Domo accomplished what we had spent many quarters and a lot of money trying to solve in a traditional manner.”


Thanks to Domo, Medius now has complete visibility into its entire go-to-market motion. By better understanding where leads come from, how they move through the sales funnel, and the revenue they create, Medius is able to measure the impact of its marketing efforts and business development reps while identifying new opportunities. “We’ve been able to identify the knobs and levers we can play with to optimize our business so we can increase our average sales prices and decrease the time it takes to move opportunities through each step of the funnel,” Jenkins said. “We got value out of Domo within weeks, not months or years.”

With Domo’s consumption-based pricing, Medius can leverage the full power of Domo across the organization. “We have the best of everything that Domo has to offer at our fingertips,” Jenkins said. “Our users are connecting more and more data and using Domo’s full functionality. From my perspective, we pay for what we use, so if we can see ROI from using Domo more, then we can use it more. It’s a great model to be on.”

From frontline employees to the C-suite, Medius used Domo to significantly increase the company’s ability to analyze data and answer questions. “If a question comes up, within a matter of seconds I can get an answer. The data is all there,” Jenkins said.


In a recent board meeting, they were just throwing out questions and I was able to answer them in the room. A board member actually leaned over to ask, ‘What do you have over there?’ Before Domo, I would have had to follow up with those answers. Being in that meeting and being able to provide answers in real time is where we need to be as a business. And it’s because of Domo.”

Empowering business users

Domo enables business users and executives at Medius to build powerful reports without requiring the technical expertise of a developer. “Depending on their priorities, a request for a report could take a developer days, weeks, or even months. In my world, we need things in hours. Domo lets users build their own reports and be confident in the data,” Jenkins said. “For our IT organization, it frees them to focus more on exploring things like how to leverage the data science tools built into Domo to see how we can use our data to be more predictive.”

To accelerate its time to value, Medius used Domo’s pre-built connectors to connect its most valuable data sources in minutes without requiring IT support. “The value of Domo’s pre-built connectors was actually a hidden gem for me,” Jenkins said. “Once we signed up, we realized there was a whole marketplace of connectors available. Not only did it remove the need to bring in IT, but we can enable users from across the organization to connect data sources so they can explore and visualize their data. It’s been just a delightful surprise in our journey with Domo.”

Domo Cloud Amplifier also helps Medius get more value from its existing tech investments while helping IT maintain data governance, security, and compliance.


“One of the cool things about Domo is that you don’t have to move everything over from your existing datasets, tools, or data warehouses. Cloud Amplifier lets us leave our data in our Azure data warehouse and create a beautiful visualization experience while giving us great time to value.” 

Branden Jenkins | Chief Operating Officer

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