“Giving our sales team visibility into customer service levels has probably been one of our biggest wins.”

Warren Sampson

Senior Manager, Planning and Information

Family-owned and operated since 1868, Martinelli’s produces Gold Medal premium 100% juices from apples grown in the fertile Pajaro Valley in Watsonville, CA.



Departments using Domo

Finance, IT, Operations, Sales

Company Size

350 employees

Martinelli’s required a BI solution to help it leverage all the data created by its digital transformation efforts.

The company chose Domo thanks to its powerful capabilities, along with the fact it could be easily and quickly implemented by the company’s lean IT team.

Martinelli’s uses Domo to have more informed discussions with its retail partners, allowing the company to reduce its costs while overcoming its supply chain challenges.


Martinelli’s Unlocks Modern Business Insights With Domo.

Since 1868, Martinelli’s has been bottling joy with fresh apples, a pioneer spirit, and a love for what they do. Their award-winning apple juice and cider have been a staple of celebrations, big and small. Recently, the company has made several investments in its information systems to enhance its ability to bring nature’s best to its customers. Today, the company relies on Domo to leverage the data it needs to reach new customers and drive efficiency.

“Domo gives our people a wealth of information. We use this data to explain what’s going on and understand where we can reduce our costs,” said Warren Sampson, Senior Manager, Planning and Information at Martinelli’s.


“We have transformed from being instinct-driven to being able to point at data to determine where we are going and why.”

Warren Sampson | Senior Manager, Planning and Information


Analytics Without the Wait.

Before Domo, Martinelli’s struggled with a decades-old legacy ERP system and spreadsheet-driven planning process. “It was very difficult to understand the business. We had very little insight about what was going on beyond our financial statements,” Sampson said. “Eventually, we were able to make the case that this wasn’t sustainable and that we needed real systems.”


Over the past ten years, Martinelli’s has digitally transformed operations by implementing new systems such as SAP S/4HANA, Workday Adaptive Planning, and ADP. While these systems helped the company generate more and better data, business users still found it difficult to access that data for driving decisions.

Martinelli’s chose Domo as its BI solution thanks to both its powerful capabilities and its ability to be implemented by a team as lean as Martinelli’s. “We don’t have dozens of developers on staff. We only have three people in IT, who are already focused on things like the network, cybersecurity, and the help desk. Domo was the fastest-to-launch solution we evaluated that required the least amount of internal technical capabilities,” Sampson said.

“The pre-built connectors were a huge selling point. We were able to connect Workday Adaptive Planning and start pulling data within minutes instead of spending weeks building our own APIs. We don’t need a bunch of technical people to make Domo work, which has been a huge, huge success for us. Additionally, we were really thrilled to find a solution with a data warehouse and powerful ETL tools all rolled into one.”


Unmatched Sales Visibility.

Thanks to Domo, Martinelli’s was able to quickly connect all its data together in one platform, making it simple for business users to access data and build visualizations. For the sales department, Domo now provides unmatched visibility into their customers by making manufacturing, invoicing, and shipment data easy to access and visualize.

“We are able to review how many tons of apples we purchase and how many gallons we’re yielding alongside what we are selling and our revenues,” Sampson said. “We’re also able to see the impact of our promotional plans and discounts on invoices across customers. That data was hidden from us in our legacy system, so now our salespeople have a better ability to see where we can manage our fees down.”


In addition, Martinelli’s has used Domo to share data and insights with customers. “We’re able to converse with our customers about what we’ve shipped them and when, which helps us align on future plans,” Sampson said. “Giving our sales team visibility into customer service levels has probably been one of our biggest wins.”

Delivering Insight With Dashboards.

Thanks to Domo’s dashboards, Martinelli’s analysts now only have to build a dashboard once when asked to make an ad hoc report, knowing that it can be used again and again to answer that same question in the future. “I want to only touch a request once. We can now give people the page or card they need to answer the question for themselves again next month instead of requiring us to keep creating manual reports.”

Domo’s dashboards also help managers and executive leadership have more productive conversations. “I love that in meetings we’re not pulling up a static report or PowerPoint deck,” Sampson said. “If someone wants to know how a number compares to last month, we can adjust the dashboard on the fly. To have that conversation in the moment is really terrific.”

“It used to take us hours to produce a single report. Now I can spend a few minutes reviewing Domo for insights, and I don’t have to question if a report exists or where to find it. I can just rely on the fact that it’s there.”


“We don’t need a bunch of technical people to make Domo work, which has been a huge, huge success for us.”

Warren Sampson | Senior Manager, Planning and Information


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