“Domo now gives us one source of truth we can rely on.”

Robert Moore

IT Infrastructure Manager at Listers Group

Listers are one of the largest privately and family-owned motor retailer groups in the UK, with over 50 dealerships selling brands such as Audi, BMW and Volvo.



Domo Users


Departments using Domo

CEO/C-Suite, Finance, Marketing, Other, Sales

Company Size

2,000 employees

Challenge: Listers struggled to leverage masses of data to drive their performance and better understand their customers.

Solution: Listers incorporated Domo to become data-driven across the organization.

Impact: Listers now use Domo to enable leadership to access trusted, real-time data to drive performance.



Listers is one of the largest privately and family-owned motor retailer groups in the UK with over 50 dealerships, selling brands such as Audi, BMW and Volvo. Its growing network of dealerships and staff inevitably led to managing large volumes of siloed data.

Using Domo, Listers has been able to remove data silos throughout the organization while making data readily available for its leadership teams. “Before Domo lots of people were reporting different figures because everyone was using different platforms. Now we have one source of truth that we can rely on,” said Robert Moore, IT Infrastructure Manager at Listers Group.

With Domo senior management can access reports and drill down into business challenges, such as problem debts or vehicles. Moore goes on to say that the key to successful transformation comes down to “changing how data is viewed and re-educating leadership teams to see that there is life beyond simple data spreadsheets.”



More than 100 users across Listers use Domo to generate data-driven insights.

Examples include:

  • Domo is used to uncover sales debts and daily turnover rates, to work out run rates versus planned rates. As a result, the team is better able to achieve targets.
  • Listers uses Domo to monitor age of stock and obsolete stock to enhance vehicle performance statistics and improve quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Domo is also used to monitor customer enquiries to help sales teams uncover opportunities with new prospective customers.


The Road To Data-Driven Decisions

With Listers running since 1979, the adoption of new technology such as Domo continues to be an ongoing process, which requires a behavioral shift centered around data. “The hardest part about Domo is getting someone to rethink how they’ve always used data in the past,” said Moore.

“We’ve still got a bit of a cultural journey to go on. But once users see how data can be built around visual cards and drilled into to gain answers, they really start to see the value. Many of our users now start the day by checking in on performance using the Domo app, it’s become part of their daily routine.”



Staying Ahead

As one of the largest family-owned automotive businesses in the UK, Listers continues to grow its range of dealerships using Domo to stay on top of its performance. “The executive dashboard helps us stay ahead of the curve,” said Moore. “Using Domo, we can keep an eye on sales debts and daily turnover rates, so that we can flag problem areas to ensure we achieve targets.”

“The biggest benefit of Domo is the ability to access data via an app. We’re no longer pulling data from spreadsheets, instead the numbers are all there in one place and we make use of alerts to notify us of any slow-moving stock.”

The leadership team across the company is now encouraged to use the data to enhance their decision making, a trend that Listers are hoping to expand across departments and dealerships. “We are currently piloting a staff review dashboard that will include league tables, so that everyone knows how they are helping to drive the business forward,” said Moore. To further connect the business through data, Listers will be looking to use Domo for stock prediction, to help them effectively forecast for the future.

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