“We’ve been able to increase revenue by double digits since we’ve started using Domo.”

Frank McCormack

Vice President of Sales at Lencore

Lencore manufactures system solutions for sound masking, paging and audio for a variety of acoustical environments including open-plan offices, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and educational institutions.



Departments using Domo

BI, CEO/C-Suite, Operations, Sales

Company Size

50 employees

Challenge: Lencore struggled to access and analyze its operational data, making it difficult to understand its business.

Solution: Domo provides a single source of truth the company can use for inventory management, sales forecasting, and more.

Impact: Lencore improved its sales productivity, helping the company increase revenue growth by double digits.


Lencore Brings Analytics to Workplace Acoustics with Domo

To ensure that all the chatter from open floor plans and busy work areas doesn’t distract from work, Lencore makes sound masking, noise management, and communications solutions designed to enhance speech privacy, comfort, and productivity. By using Domo, Lencore can ensure that it meets the needs of its customers and prospects while improving operations.


Domo gives us the ability to dive deep into all aspects of our business,” said David Smith, COO at Lencore. “Whether it’s helping us better track inventory management or accurately forecast our sales revenue based on quotes, Domo helps us quickly understand what we need to know to run the business.”

Making data part of the conversation

Before Domo, Lencore struggled to make data-driven decisions. Data was stuck in siloed systems that made timely reporting all but impossible.

I’d have to dig to find the information I needed. Not only was it cumbersome, but quite honestly at times I was somewhat suspect of the information,” said Frank McCormack, vice president of sales at Lencore. “With Domo, all the information I’m looking for is at my fingertips. The data is there to slice and dice however I want.


Lencore uses Domo throughout its operations to manage manufacturing, optimize product schedules, rightsize inventory, and ensure shipments get out the door in a timely manner. “Domo allows us to look at trending information, understand our averages, set more accurate targets, and find new opportunities or markets that maybe we haven’t truly explored in the past,” Smith said.

For example, Lencore used Domo to gain new insight into its orders, leading to the formation of an inside sales team that could focus on smaller projects with current customers. Previously, the sales team was focused on securing large projects that took more time and effort to close. By taking advantage of the opportunity to pick up quick wins, Lencore created a new incremental revenue stream that maximizes the lifetime value of each customer.

To make the most out of Domo, Lencore’s employees leverage Domo University and community forums. “I did different courses, watched videos, and did hands-on exercises through Domo University to really understand how to fully utilize Domo. On top of that, I’m very active in the community forum,” said Jan Zuchowicz, business analyst at Lencore. “One time, I posted about a challenge I was having with creating a transformation and within 20 minutes, I had four responses. I’ll go through the forums just to learn about use cases we can introduce to our company.”

Less noise, more insight

In addition to providing insight to executives and managers, sales reps use Domo daily to track their performance. By tracking both the number of quotes they generate, and the revenue produced, they can better understand if they are hitting their targets and what they need to do to achieve their sales goals.

The ability to access information has made our salespeople in the field more productive. As sales productivity has increased, we’ve been able to increase revenue growth by double digits since we started using Domo,” said McCormack. “Domo helps our management team leverage real-time data to clearly understand where there’s an opportunity for improvement so they can coach reps and provide positive feedback.”


Providing project quotes is the lifeblood of Lencore’s business. Using Domo, the operations team is able to track quotes by project managers to ensure they meet their internal goals.

On average, we do eight quotes a day per project manager. Domo shows how many quotes each project manager puts out daily so they can know if they’ve fallen below the mark,” said Breta Desbonne, senior manager of customer operations. “At the same time, we can better track the dollar amount of the quotes, so if a project manager does only three quotes because they are for massive projects, we know they are still hitting the mark.”

Lencore strives to provide project quotes within 24 hours so customers can make decisions faster. Domo helps Lencore track the entire quote process to identify bottlenecks or areas for improvements. At the same time, it helps the company identify a subset of quotes that require more time so they can be managed using a separate process.


“We learned that quotes that require outside services take longer than those that just need equipment, so we decided to separate them. This provides better insight into what we can control.” 

Breta Desbonne | Senior Manager of Customer Operations

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