"Domo has enabled us to become a real-time culture."

Adam Skinner

Chief Information Officer

Fitness and Lifestyle Group is one of the fastest growing Australian gym network with more than 200 clubs (comprising of Fitness First,Goodlife, Jetts and Hypoxi), supporting close to 650,000 members to live healthier and more active lifestyles.



Departments using Domo

BI, CEO/C-Suite, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations, Other

Challenge: Goodlife needed to sculpt an entire business’s worth of data into actionable insights.

Solution: Domo helped Goodlife migrate data into a hybrid tool system of what works best for them.

Impact: Company culture has shifted to real time. Employees company-wide can glance through cards and instantly understand trends based on a large range of metrics.

Before Domo

Goodlife Health Clubs needed a solution that could sculpt to their business needs across marketing, operations, finance, and information technology pillars to reveal historical and current business trends.

  • 1.4 billion rows of data sat virtually stagnate in a physical data warehouse. Reprocessing the queue of the data warehouse took between four to six hours
  • To access data, employees had to connect to the company server via VPN, which limited decision making across the organization

“Before Domo, just to reprocess the queue of the data warehouse could take anywhere between four to six hours.”


After Domo

Spontaneous Decision Making

“We migrated our data warehouse and rebuilt into a hybrid of using AWS and Domo’s data warehousing capabilities. It now takes 15 minutes to reprocess every single record in the entire data warehouse – That is 1.4 billion rows of data.”



Information Across the Board

“In my eyes, analytics and business intelligence shouldn’t be limited to the board room or the executive team, but should be inclusive right down to the receptionist or club management who’s working in our clubs.”

Tells a Story

“We are now able to give new employees access to Domo where they can see historical conversations, budgets, and membership trends to expedite their new-hire training and provide a foundation for success.”



Domo Mobile

“Being on-the-go and having mobile access is one of those things that’s non-negotiable, and Domo Mobile is a big benefit that we get straight out of the box. No longer do our executives have to connect to slow and clunky VPNs to access their data.”

Powerful Connectors

“Domo is one of those platforms where the power is within the connectors. You could literally get a subscription to Domo tomorrow, plug in five to ten connectors, and get meaningful data by the end of the day with minimal to no input from IT.”

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