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Danaher is a global science and technology innovator committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improving quality of life around the world. 

United by a common culture and operating system, Danaher is able to standardize the way they manage their business and data across more than 200 operating companies and 71,000 associates spanning the globe. By applying their Danaher Business System throughout, Danaher is able to systemize data management through their business starting at the top and filtering down to each individual subsidiary. 

Based in Loveland, Colorado, Hach, a Danaher company, is one of the dozens of companies standardizing their data and have revenue of more than $1.4 million. With $20 billion in revenue, Danaher ranks #150 on the Fortune 500 list.



Departments using Domo

CEO/C-Suite, IT, Operations

The challenge. Limited Visibility | Manual Reporting

"At Danaher, there was a lot of silent waste happening across all of our companies. We had associates pulling data from multiple sources, then putting it together in Excel and by the time they were done, there was no time to interpret the data or draw actionable insights."

— Peter Sanborn | Director, Digital Analytics

The results.

"We found a data-agnostic tool that is proficient in pulling data from our various systems into the cloud, binding it together and allowing us access to meaningful insights. That tool is Domo."

Peter Sanborn | Director, Digital Analytics, Danaher

"Having visibility allows us to pull certain levers with our sales and lead qualification team. If we are not on track to hit our monthly goals, we’re able to see results and change the outcome instead of just hoping we hit our target."

Debbie Lakatos | Global Senior Demand Generation Manager, Hach

"With Domo, we have a more sophisticated sales funnel. We are able to look at close rates, win rates, we probably have 300 cards that we are using to manage the business."

Gene Scholes | Global Director, Digital Commerce & Systems, Hach

"Domo allows us to set up alerts and will tell me if a specific metric changes and because of that I’m able to get insight immediately so it’s actionable and we can react quickly."

Jon Adams | Global Digital Technology Manager, Hach

"Within Danaher, there is a strong emphasis on visual management and we are able to display our data in a visual way where you can look at a chart and understand it intuitively, even if you don’t know anything about a particular factory station."

Peter Sanborn | Director, Digital Analytics, Danaher

The bottom line.

"Domo eliminates the process of moving data from one place to the other by leaving it up to computers and empowering people to do what they should be doing which is pulling insights that can be used to improve our marketing."
Peter Sanborn | Director, Digital Analytics

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