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Founded in 2010, CoverHound is an insurance comparison shopping platform giving consumers instant, accurate rates which they can then purchase.



Departments using Domo


The challenge. Slow Access | Scattered Data

"Wouldn't you like everyone in your organization to be the most informed person in the company?"

— Keith Moore | Chief Executive Officer

The results.

"We wanted to make sure people were looking at the same metrics, so to help in that effort we put up a 70-inch screen on our wall to project Domo reports. It’s pretty much in our face all day long, so if anything drops or turns red we can act on that pretty quickly. Domo has brought our company closer together because we’re all looking at the same data in real time, all the time."

"I think Domo touches every single area of our business from measuring net promoter score on customer satisfaction to metrics in our call center and our agency operations to our marketing campaigns. I feel Domo has definitely increased my visibility into the company and has given that same visibility to every employee."

"I’m obsessive compulsive about numbers, as are most the people we hire, so we check Domo frequently. I probably use Domo’s mobile app 40 times a day. It’s a good thing Domo doesn’t charge per minute like some of these cell phone companies, or we’d be in trouble."

"Domo has cut down investor preparations and board preparation for meetings probably by 10-12 hours. I like the fact that I can start to use PowerPoint a lot less and start to use Domo a lot more. As you may know in working with investors, outside consultants, or even a board, they always have questions that you’re not always anticipating, and in Domo we have over 400 reports so we basically have every answer they could possibly ask. In fact we sometimes exit our PowerPoint in board meetings and go straight into Domo to have more real-time information and not have to worry about information being a day old or a week old or a month old."

"Domo is infinitely valuable to a CEO of a company like CoverHound because it gives everyone access to the information that makes them more efficient and more intelligent about the job they’re trying to accomplish."

The bottom line.

“We wanted to be more aligned to the same metrics and the same goals, which is always a hard thing to do in any organization. Domo has simplified that effort for our company.”

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