“Domo has been an absolute cultural change for us.”

Chris Williams

Chief Information Officer at Community Fibre

Community Fibre provides fast, affordable, sustainable broadband for more than 1 million customers across London, England.



Departments using Domo

BI, CEO/C-Suite, IT

Company Size

700 employees

Challenge: Rapid growth and disconnected data systems meant that Community Fibre struggled to leverage data when making decisions.

Solution: Domo allows this telecommunications network provider to house, visualize, and orchestrate all its data in one platform.

Impact: Community Fibre was able to scale its use of data from 50 employees to its entire workforce to create a data-driven culture.


Community Fibre expands its network across London with Domo

As one of London’s fastest-growing full fibre network providers, Community Fibre is dedicated to connecting homeowners and businesses to ultra-fast, ultra-reliable broadband, TV, and voice services. In order to reach new customers and maintain a quality experience, Community Fibre relies on Domo to collect, share, and analyze data across its operations.

We went from a point where we had about 50 people using data to a point where we now have our entire workforce of more than 600 people using data on a regular basis,” said Chris Williams, Chief Information Officer at Community Fibre. “Domo has been an absolute cultural change for us.”


From zero to insights in 12 weeks.

With more than a million customers already on its network, Community Fibre is one of the fastest-growing telecommunications network providers in England. However, this rapid growth required Community Fibre to reevaluate how it was leveraging its valuable customer data in order to reach the next million sign-ups and beyond.

It was really clear when I joined the organization that we needed to have a transformation to make sure our systems would scale with the growth we had in our base,” Williams said. “One of the biggest problems we had was with our data environment.”

The company struggled to connect its siloed billing systems, CRM systems, and customer management systems. “Data wasn’t integrated across platforms, which meant there was zero chance of having accurate data. Data accuracy was incredibly important to us, because we want to provide personalized service to our customers, so our approach to data was one of the top things we needed to change in the organization,” Williams said.

Community Fibre chose Domo thanks to its ability to house, visualize, and orchestrate data all in one platform. “When we started talking to Domo, we were able to get a really clear and precise vision of how the platform would solve our issue,” Williams said. “The process of implementing Domo was absolutely fantastic; within 12 weeks, we were able to go live with all our solutions integrated into a single platform. In all the implementations I’ve done, it’s by far the quickest I’ve ever been able to achieve that time to value.”

We’ve gone from zero to thousands of reports in just the space of a few months. We’re super pleased with the ease that our users were able to adopt Domo, and our data governance has been able to easily keep pace with its growth,” Williams said.

Domo was deceptively easy to pick up for our users,” said James Hodgson, Data Architect at Community Fibre. “You could just see people creating content and transforming data very rapidly. I was quite surprised how few mouse clicks were needed to do very powerful things in Domo.”


Unlocking customer insights.

Thanks to Domo, Community Fibre has been able to evolve its business culture from instinct to insight. “Before, we were making decisions on gut feeling rather than on real facts. The culture now in the organization is to go to the data, do an analysis, and then make absolutely the right decision based on that data. It’s been an absolute game changer,” Williams said.

We now have a single source of truth throughout the business,” Hodgson said. “Everybody now trusts that they have the right set of numbers.”

By connecting and centralizing all its data in Domo, Community Fibre’s network team has been able to intricately map the customer journey to understand how and where it can improve service across every touch point. “Within a week of providing them access, they had 120 reports built in Domo really explaining the end-to-end journey a customer has connecting to and using our network, which was just an incredible step forward for us,” Williams said.


Community Fibre’s sales team also uses Domo to uncover opportunities to increase sales in neighborhoods where they’ve had good traction. These mobile workers access Domo on their phones to see which streets are most likely to garner new sign-ups, helping them hit their sales goals faster. “Our field staff were previously blind in terms of the areas they should be looking to sell into. With Domo, they can see in real time which customers they should focus on visiting. It’s made them incredibly efficient,” Williams said.

In addition, the C-suite relies on Domo to keep their fingers on the pulse of operations. “Our CEO was the last user on the existing data platform, and we needed to get him off it to close that platform down. He had a very complicated dashboard that he didn’t think we’d be able to replicate in Domo. Within two hours, we were able to have his report up and running in Domo, along with additional data points he didn’t think would be available,” Williams said. “Our CEO is a convert and is using Domo every day.”


“Domo has really helped us grow as a business…We’ve had phenomenal growth in terms of customer base and network, but also in terms of growing our culture quite dramatically to become a data-led organization.” 

Chris Williams | Chief Information Officer

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