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Colony American Finance (CAF) is a specialty finance company that provides a range of debt products to residential real estate investors. The company offers portfolio and single asset term loans for stabilized rental properties as well as short term credit lines for acquisitions. CAF was founded in 2014 to finance single family, townhome, condo and small multifamily properties for customers nationwide. It has since closed over $2 billion in loans for nearly 20,000 properties. Its products are tailor-made for investors and it provides attractive rates, rapid timelines and closing certainty. The company works directly with borrowers as well as with brokers and correspondent partners.


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Departments using Domo


The challenge. Manual Reporting | Siloed Data

"Before Domo, we had to login to over two dozen disparate technology applications and download data to manually create usable reports for our business."

— Matthew March | Chief Information Officer

The results.

"By opting to use 100 percent cloud-based business intelligence, Colony American Finance was able to achieve a total ROI within the first 90 days of the initial rollout of Domo."

"Domo brings all the data into a single repository. It eliminates stovepipe reporting that happens with Excel and Tableau, because everybody is working from the same environment, using the same data and the same tool."

"The mobile experience with Domo is very responsive. It is quick. It is fast. It is very interactive. It allows people to have secure access to the data from anywhere."

"The true power of the Domo platform has been in teaching people to fish for themselves. Rather than compiling reports manually, our teams are able to use Domo’s available tools to not only fulfill their job responsibilities, but go above and beyond to do their own analysis, queries, and research."

"Thanks to Domo, marketing now has insight to spend our dollars to reach the right customers, sales can convert leads at a higher rate, and operations has improved transparency into operational efficiency, productivity, and exception management."

The bottom line.

“We were able to roll out 27 data sources in two months. I was able to deliver in two months what traditionally took three years, but I delivered it with one developer, not a team of ten. That’s phenomenal.”
Matthew March | Chief Information Officer

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