“We’re not using gut instinct anymore.”

Dylan Hall

Vice President of Resort Retail and Rental

Boyne Resorts is a collection of mountain and lakeside resorts, ski areas, and attractions that feature snow sports and year-round mountain recreation, golf, an indoor waterpark, spas, food and beverage, lodging, and real estate development.



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Data silos and outdated spreadsheets prevented corporate leaders and operational managers from being able to accurately track the state of the business.

Thanks to Domo, users across the C-suite and in operations at each resort can access real-time data at the business, resort, department, or customer level.

Business users leverage Domo to optimize staffing, drive revenue growth, and improve the customer experience. 


Boyne Resorts brings data to the slopes with Domo.

From British Columbia to Maine, Boyne Resorts strives to give each guest an exciting experience with every stay. The company’s portfolio features ten ski resorts, 14 golf courses, and a scenic chairlift park, in addition to hotels, restaurants, and retail at almost every location. 

In order to drive growth across its properties while delivering a winning employee and customer experience, Boyne Resorts uses Domo as its centralized source for data and insights. 


“The democratization of information that Domo provides gives everyone from ownership to the most junior level the data required to make decisions and provide insights.”

Michael Anselmi | Vice President of Revenue Strategy and Business Development


Reporting without the wait. 

Before Domo, corporate leaders and managers at individual resorts struggled to accurately track the state of the business due to data silos and outdated spreadsheets. “A lot of our understanding of the business was gut, with a lot of leaders speaking to what they thought they knew. And by time reports filtered their way up to our owner, the reports might be three or four months out of date,” Anselmi said. 

“A lot of our corporate reporting involved reaching out to ten different resorts and asking for numbers, then spending a week working to combine it together,” said Chris Wolman, Reporting Analyst at Boyne Resorts. “Now with Domo, we’re collecting and combining it automatically. A lot of our success has been giving people back time to do the job they need to do instead of creating reports.” 


Thanks to Domo, users across the C-suite and in operations at each resort can access real-time data at the business, resort, department, or customer level. With the ability to quickly and automatically integrate, clean, and combine datasets, business users are now proactive instead of reactive.  

“We can make decisions that affect operations today instead of saying, ‘Oh, if we knew this yesterday we could have done something about it,’” Wolman said.

Leveraging staffing to improve the customer experience. 

Domo is an essential tool that Boyne uses to optimize how and where they deploy their labor force throughout the day to help keep lift lines short and customers happy.  


“Domo helps us identify where we can capitalize on different parts of the day, from overall staffing levels to concentration levels and lunch breaks,” said Dylan Hall, Vice President of Resort Retail and Rental at Boyne Resorts. “It’s been a game changer as far as looking at how to anticipate what the day will look like and setting expectations for employees.” 

Managers can look at historical data to ensure that there’s an appropriate level of staffing everywhere from the front desk check-in to lift operations, while using real-time data to identify any surges that require staff to be deployed from one section of the resort to another. Not only does this reduce the burden on staff, but the ability to predict surges means Boyne Resorts can take action to keep wait times to a minimum.  

“We can use our arrivals data to project where those guests will go next so we can make better judgments,” Hall said. “Seeing a spike in check-ins helps us ensure our rental desk has enough staff on hand. The better we can serve our employees, the better our guest experience will be.” 

Growing revenue while managing costs. 

Domo plays a critical role in helping Boyne Resorts to identify new revenue opportunities. For example, the company can now analyze how its product offerings impact retention across each resort and each customer demographic. This allows resorts to tailor offerings and packages to best serve the needs of guests.  

“We can now evaluate our business to understand which question we need to ask,” Anselmi said. “We’re not only utilizing sales, revenue, and operations data, but customer data to get to know our guests better and give them what they want.” 

In addition, Boyne Resorts uses Domo to better manage its costs. For example, making snow is electricity-intensive, which means a resort should only make snow if there is enough skier demand and electricity prices are favorable. Several of the company’s resorts leverage a card that displays the current and forecasted electricity price, which alerts managers when it’s no longer profitable to make new snow. Since these decision-makers are often out on the slopes managing operations, the mobile app ensures they can stay informed and take action while focusing on their work. 


“The mobile app is priceless,” said Wolman. “It enables people to focus on the tasks they’re trying to manage without having to go back to their desk to get on a computer.” 

Boyne Resorts now considers data an integral part of the company culture.


“Having trust in one system allows us to make better decisions based on data. We’re not using gut instinct anymore. We can use data to make fast decisions, better decisions, and timely decisions.” 

Dylan Hall | Vice President of Resort Retail and Rental


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