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Vivien and Fernanda Bohme are two sisters from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, who started the retail boutique Bohme as a way to provide hip and trendy clothing for fashion-forward women. The business has expanded since its beginning in 2008 and now has close to 20 locations across the United States.



Departments using Domo


The challenge. Slow Access | Scattered Data

"We have multiple data sources, and we couldn't get it all together in one package."

— Vivien Bohme | CEO & Co-founder

The results.

"We're in what we call 'fast fashion.' In 30 days, we will design, make, stock, and sell our merchandise. Having real-time data in Domo makes decisions around this process so much clearer and easier."

"As CEO, I have to look at data from finance, sales, inventory, purchasing, etc. Domo puts all that in one place, so I can check whatever I want whenever I want. I no longer have to wait for individual employee reporting—those days are over."

"Even when managers aren't in the stores, they're checking stats on their iPhones. When they notice we're not making as much money on a shift as we should, they'll call the stores and do the work that I was doing before!"

"My managers now have the ability to stay on top of their numbers and make sure they're hitting their goals. They're acting like little CEOs—hallelujah!"

The bottom line.

"Bohme experienced a 15 percent increase in sales after our store managers started using Domo. Productivity is through the roof."

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