"Domo is a key part of our data culture."

Woods Denny

VP of BI, Data Science and Data Engineering

BacklotCars is an online wholesale marketplace where automotive dealers can buy and sell vehicles nationwide.



BacklotCars wanted to empower their auto dealer customers with easily accessible data and insights to better inform deals.

Domo Everywhere lets users access their specific data at any time and any place through a self-service portal. 

Nearly 95% of users leverage Domo Everywhere, helping the company make auto wholesaling more transparent and easy for both buyers and sellers.


BacklotCars drives more user engagement with Domo. 

To help auto dealers more quickly and easily buy and sell used vehicles wholesale, BacklotCars provides an online marketplace platform dealers can use to source and sell vehicles. Instead of dealers emailing and calling each other to find the vehicles they need or to offload excess stock, dealers can now leverage the marketplace 24/7 to transact on their schedules.  

BacklotCars uses Domo Everywhere to help their auto dealer customers leverage data in a way that facilitates a successful outcome for both parties.


“At BacklotCars we lead with transparency. By using Domo to bring more data to the table for our users on the marketplace, it creates a level playing field for everyone.”

Justin Davis | Co-Founder and President of BacklotCars


Using data to fuel insights.

As a fast-growing startup, BacklotCars was quickly able to gain a critical mass of users, with each interaction generating a wealth of rich data for both buyers and sellers. The company was looking for a way to collect and integrate this data directly into the platform so that users could easily and instantly access relevant insights to inform their deals instead of requesting a manual report with the information they needed.

“I was explaining our issue to a friend at another startup trying to have a good understanding of the market dynamics, and he suggested I reach out to Domo,” Davis said. “I was immediately impressed by the ease of connectivity, the ability to spin up visualizations, and the market intelligence we could drive.” 

Domo is now an integral part of how BacklotCars operates for everyone, from Davis as the president to sales leaders throughout the company to the end-users themselves. “I’m probably in the top five users of Domo in the company,” he said. “It’s really allowed me to be curious and go solve problems for myself. It helps that the tools are straightforward and easy to use, which allows me as a non-technical person to get in and build.” 


Sharing data at scale with Domo Everywhere.

Originally, sales staff used Domo to collect insights they could then share with their specific auto dealer customers. While this was far easier to accomplish than before, it still created an extra step of having to create and send out the report. To give users the ability to self-serve insights, BacklotCars now uses Domo Everywhere to give each user the ability to explore data themselves.  

With Domo Everywhere, BacklotCars is able to easily share key data in real-time with customers without overburdening their sales staff.


“With Domo, we’re able to quickly curate useful information to either drive a behavior we want to support or enable customers to help themselves,” said Denny. “Our customers are able to log into our app, click on their stats, and have immediate access to everything about their buyer network, their previous sales, as well as their tier within our buyer and seller structures.” 

By enabling self-service, BacklotCars has been able to significantly improve its customer experience. “It’s driving interaction with our platform, and getting users to actually look for this information,” Denny said. “We’re driving them to explore what they can do with their pricing strategies and geographic reach. I think it helps them not only expand, but improve their business as well.” 

According to Denny, BacklotCars sees roughly 95% of its customers access data through Domo Everywhere on a monthly basis. Rather than wait to get access to data during a weekly sales call from reps like before, users can now access it at any time. In addition to success metrics like business unit volume sales, customers can now better understand where their sales are coming from and why.  


“The maps are super popular because it shows customers who their followers are and the community of who is buying from who, which is important to dealers. It builds trust in the platform and marketplace as a whole,” Denny said. By using data to understand and grow wholesaling relationships across the nation, BacklotCars users now work with partners that are sometimes hundreds of miles away from their dealerships, rather than the traditional 20-30 mile radius they sold in before.   

“The visualizations we’ve built help guide sellers and educate them on how to be more successful using BacklotCars,” Davis said. “Domo lets us understand the levers we can pull to better drive sales, conversions, and unit volume sales. Our sales staff uses data as coaching moments to drive the right behavior to help our dealers be successful.”

Thanks to Domo, BacklotCars is able to provide a level of transparency that was unheard of in the traditional, offline world of auto wholesaling, which is helping the company establish its market leadership. “It’s our duty as a pioneer in this online space to show what’s previously been behind the curtains and be very, very transparent,” Davis said.   


“Domo is a key part of our data culture. Data is the fuel for our future growth.”

Woods Denny | Vice President of BI, Data Science and Data Engineering at KAR Global


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