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Aden Skene

Group Digital Product Manager

Australian Venue Co. is a leading hospitality group that owns and operates over 200 iconic pubs, bars, and event spaces across Australia.



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Company Size

7,000+ Employees

Challenge: Australian Venue Co. needed a scalable solution to manage data from multiple digital channels to streamline marketing across its 200+ venues.

Solution: Domo provided the company with a centralized data analytics platform to improve data access and ownership for marketing managers.

Impact: Thanks to Domo, Australian Venue Co. has been able to optimize its marketing strategies, enhance customer targeting, and drive more bookings.


Australian Venue Co. uncorks marketing insights using Domo.

Billing itself as “delivering good times since 1846”, Australian Venue Co. owns and operates more than 200 iconic pubs, bars, and event spaces across Australia. With locations ranging from humble neighborhood pubs to landmark institutions, the company leverages all the digital tools at its disposal in order to attract guests, book events, and sell tickets.

Thanks to Domo, Australian Venue Co. can now easily manage all the data that these tools generate to create closer customer connections at scale. “Domo allows us to take more ownership of our data so we can use it on our schedule,” said Tim Masseni, Head of Marketing & Digital at Australian Venue Co.


Increasing data access and ownership.

Before Domo, the marketing team at Australian Venue Co. struggled to scale its manual reporting processes as the organization continued to add more venues to its overall portfolio. Data had to be collected and combined from dozens of social, advertising, payment, and CRM channels. This left the team’s digital coordinators and marketing managers reacting to data and insights which were up to four weeks old.

At one point, we added 70 venues with a single acquisition. Being able to scale everything suddenly became a real priority,” said Aden Skene, Group Digital Product Manager at Australian Venue Co.

The marketing team used Domo to build a global dashboard that shares everything from current financial metrics and projected bookings revenue to Google advertising performance and social media engagement. Information is updated in real time so users work with the freshest information, while the dashboard can be drilled down into specific metrics across individual venues for additional insight. “Everything is in one spot, so you don’t have to log into several different platforms over and over,” Skene said.


Automated monthly reports are emailed directly to managers so they can easily keep track of the business. Special weekly reports also share the top-10 and bottom-10 venues by revenue each week so managers can drill into the peaks and troughs of a specific venue, allowing the manager to determine if the issue is a timing blip or if there’s a fundamental issue to address.

In addition, alerts allow the team to quickly uncover issues like a drop in website traffic to help troubleshoot issues faster. Not only have marketing managers been able to use this to optimize their websites and campaigns, but it has helped uncover technical issues like broken links that would have impacted reporting down the road. “Alerts let us get on top of issues as early as possible and make smarter decisions based on what we see,” Skene said.


Leveraging customer insights to drive bookings

Today, Australian Venue Co. uses Domo to gain a comprehensive view of its marketing effectiveness. Each marketing manager can easily go into Domo to review the performance of its individual campaigns, along with the overall e-commerce performance for each venue. Because most venues allow tables or rooms to be booked online, managers can easily see the funnel from when a user clicks an ad to when they reserve a table or book a function. “It’s a really good way for us to see how the marketing performance is tracking,” Masseni said.

In addition, marketing managers can quickly identify which venues are fully booked and which have open capacity for specific dates. This allows the marketing team to focus their ad spend on specific venues that still have availability, ensuring that the marketing budget isn’t wasted promoting a table that customers can’t book. Australian Venue Co. also plans to use Domo to conduct analysis of its new loyalty program data so managers can have a better understanding of their best customers. “We’ve got really rich data in terms of what people are purchasing and how frequently they come to our pubs,” said Masseni. “That’s a key metric for us that will be exciting to drill into.”

Marketing managers are also using Domo to learn more about their customers. For example, a popular reason people book a venue is to celebrate a 30th birthday party. Using Domo, they were able to analyze all the 30th birthday parties the company’s 200+ venues hosted in the last two years to determine the average lead time of when those parties were booked.


“We can now send an email to anyone in our system that is going to turn 30, knowing exactly the best time to reach them just as they are starting to think of venues…That’s something we’re able to easily get out of Domo that we ultimately never would have seen before.” 

Aden Skene | Group Digital Product Manager at Australian Venue Co.

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