“With Domo, we’re able react to the market faster, smarter.”

Dan Schofield

Head of Analytics and Data Operations

audibene is one of the world's fastest-growing hearing care companies. Their mission is to provide cutting-edge technology for hearing care, providing over 800,000 consultations a year across nine countries worldwide.



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audibene gets a new data-driven mindset with Domo.


Challenge: This hearing care company struggled with data governance, data stuck in siloes, and lengthy reporting processes.

Solution: audibene used Domo to easily visualize data, to simplify the sharing and reporting process, and provide data access across its whole business.

Impact: audibene significantly decreased the time it took to generate ad hoc reports, established data governance, and connected its business through data.


audibene, the fastest growing hearing care company, has the mission to provide cutting-edge technology for hearing care and improve the lives of those they work with. With over 800,000 consultations a year spread across nine countries worldwide, it provides its customers with optimal solutions for their changing needs.

Due to the volume of data passing through their online tools, audibene looked for ways in which they could track, visualize, and act on marketing and sales data.

Prior to Domo, audibene worked with Tableau as its central business intelligence platform for their sales and marketing efforts. Even with Tableau, data was still housed and used in silos across the business via Excel sheets and third party tools such as Salesforce. Third-party solutions lacked structure and functionality to easily analyze data, which resulted in low adoption rates across the business.



audibene’s head of Analytics and Data Operations Dan Schofield, as well as the BI team, wanted to bring data to the masses, providing greater transparency across departments. But the siloed data led to longer and more complex decision making processes. To help drive adoption rates and self-service usage, they needed a platform to help teams across the organization identify opportunities for growth while offering an intuitive user experience.

To overcome the challenge of change management, audibene brought in Domo, for its ability to easily visualise data and simplify the sharing and reporting process. Domo helped push bringing data to the masses in a more proactive manner.

The fact that audibene’s in-house BI and analytics team’s own data warehouse could be plugged into Domo was a significant deciding factor. This plug in allows audibene to house its own data from third parties—e.g., Navision and Salesforce—creating one singular inlet to Domo, which was then visualized in many different formats.



audibene needed a way to harness the useful data residing across all departments to create a data-driven culture across the business. To illustrate, the sales team requested a central location where team members internationally were looking at the same figures. The ability to see which leads are available, helps with capacity planning, showing whether there’s over or under spending on resources.

In the first two months of implementing Domo, audibene added 100 active users to the system, with over 100 dashboards created. These dashboards were created and used by multiple departments including finance, marketing, sales, and HR – a strong adoption rate.


“With Domo, influencers and decision-makers across the whole business are now able to make decisions quicker, and be more agile, improving our rate of reaction to market fluctuations.”

Dan Schofield | Head of Analytics and Data Operations


Previously, due to many requests, reports would take up to two weeks for the BI team to create. With Domo, individual users at audibene can build reports on their own, or request support from the BI team. Because of this development, time spent creating reports has dropped by more than half, making teams more agile and reactive to the business and its customers’ behaviors.

Another commonly used feature across the business is ‘Domo Stories’, where users are in complete control of the design of their dashboard, its consistency across devices, and flexible data views. Everyone is able to view live data on the move via their mobile devices, where their former systems lacked this capability.



Everyone across the business is now encouraged to use the data to enhance their daily work, a trend that took hold almost instantly. audibene’s BI team can now see that out of the 190 seats, there is an 75% login rate each day, with up to 40% of those being major influencers and decision makers. Domo now provides a holistic view of the data across all departments at audibene, allowing users to make informed decisions on previous, live, and forecasted data.

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