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Domo vs. ThoughtSpot

Domo is a modern BI platform that works with existing technologies, lets you integrate data from any source, turn data into live visualizations, and extend BI into apps that empower teams. Domo’s integrated platform also delivers BI leverage at cloud scale in record time, helping democratize data for modern businesses.

ThoughtSpot is a BI and big data analytics platform that helps users explore, analyze, and share real-time business analytics data that can be turned into actionable insights. ThoughtSpot’s Modern Analytics Cloud enables users to embed insights into apps like Salesforce and Slack or build new data products.


A deeper look At Domo and ThoughtSpot

Domo brings data together into one unified view, making analytics available to drive insight-based actions while still maintaining security and control. With Domo, you can improve internal data utilization, enhance your existing data warehouse and BI tools or build custom apps, automate data pipelines, and make data science accessible with automated insights and augmented analytics. Not only that, but you can grow your external data value by publishing data and analytics content dynamically to customers and partners, enabling them to integrate their data with yours to build customized data experiences to commercialize data.



ThoughtSpot makes it possible to use Search and AI self-service analytics to find hidden insights in data and more. You can build interactive data apps on open developer-centric platforms with flexible APIs that integrate with existing cloud ecosystems and use data insights to answer ad-hoc data questions and drive decision-making. You can also keep a pulse on business with Liveboards, access cloud data on the go with mobile, connect ThoughtSpot to your cloud data warehouse to live-query data quickly, and govern data at scale with cloud security and governance controls.

Domo management differentiators

Here are some key features from Domo:

  • 1-2 people needed to run product
  • Set-up implementation time: 2x faster for simple cases, 3x faster for complex cases
  • Product training time: within a week for basic product usage
  • Expertise needed: made for all types of users (business to technical users)
  • Hardware required: cloud offering with optional server

ThoughtSpot management differentiators

Here are some key features from ThoughtSpot:

  • 3-4 people needed to run product
  • Set-up implementation time: 2 months (depends on use case)
  • Product training time: 2 weeks for basic product usage
  • Expertise needed: made for business users
  • Hardware required: on-premise offerings (need server to operate)

How Domo stands out

While ThoughtSpot can help companies looking for an embedded analytics platform solution for their application needs, Domo helps organizations in all industries looking for the ease of use to manage their entire analytics ecosystem from one single platform. In other words, Domo can better meet the needs of users and can streamline decision-making across teams and the entire organization.


Compared to ThoughtSpot, Domo stands out in its BI and ad-hoc reporting, data discovery and visualization, access control and security, and mobile capabilities. For instance, Domo’s visualization layer is clean and in-depth, and any user can create data visualizations. The mobile experience also lets you access your dashboard where and when you need it most.

Domo also provides customization through low-code data apps, allowing users to create new ways to interact with and visualize data, customized to their specific needs. Users can additionally share data with external stakeholders by embedding data in shared spaces or within other platforms. Allowing teams to interact with the data where they’re working and collaborate on the data in more extensive ways.

Domo's capabilities and features

Some of Domo’s most popular capabilities and features include:

Data Integration: Dynamically connect, integrate and transform data from any source with 1000+ pre-built cloud connectors, on-premises connectors, federated data, partitioned connectors, Magic ETL, SQL dataflows, data science data prep, automated machine learning, and dataset views.

BI and Analytics: Drive action with real-time and predictive analytics. Self-service data access includes 150+ chart types, 7000+ custom maps, analyzer, stories, mobile app, page and chart filters, and more features.

Intelligent Apps: Create custom apps to automate and activate workflows with SDKs, Connector Dev Studio, App Dev Studio, and App distribution or choose to use pre-built apps with Appstore, connectors, QuickStart apps, and business solution apps.

Embedded Analytics:< Easily and securely share data and insights with external stakeholders, partners, and customers with Domo Everywhere through interactive charts and dashboards, personalized access to data, exportable reports and dashboards, data sorting and filtering, mobile-optimized UI, and flexible embedding.

Security and Governance: Control access and safeguard data with data lineage, personalized data permissions, trusted attributes, customer user roles, user management via API, DomoStats, certified content, and more features.


Additionally, the Domo Business Cloud allows you to activate data effectively across your entire organization. Domo’s flexible and scalable architecture augments your existing data warehouses, data lakes, and BI tools so you can enable data agility and extract even more value from your data. With accessible analytics, custom data experiences, and best-in-class security, governance, and scale, you can enhance the most diversified tech infrastructures with this modern BI platform.

Domo’s value to business

Organizations adopt and support the use of Domo across their entire business. Not only that, but Domo empowers all types of users across the business, helping the company to be more effective long-term. And with proactive alerts and one-click collaboration, companies can stay on top of processes and communication across the organization.

When companies decide to use the Domo Business Cloud to solve their business intelligence needs, they ultimately see great value and a considerable return on investment.



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