Drive customer retention with Domo and Zendesk.

Get an accurate picture of how your support organization is performing and how your team is impacting the overall success of your business.

Proactively manage tickets.

Move beyond reactive customer support and ensure you meet your SLAs. With Domo, you can set up custom alerts to receive notifications when key metrics change such as ticket resolution time. Quickly identify tickets that indicate widespread product issues and escalate to internal teams.

Improve your team’s performance.

Monitor your reps’ progress in real time on ticket resolution, assignment, time to resolution, and more. Identify underperforming agents and see where team members are successful to replicate their success across the team.

Provide insights that drive renewals.

By combining your Zendesk data with other customer data from your business systems, you can provide executives and stakeholders on-the-fly access to key support metrics, and detect early signal indicating which customer renewals are at risk. Provide case information to your product team to help identify product fixes and enhancements.