The Data Prep You Deserve Starts with Domo

Uplevel your data prep and deliver intelligent, actionable insights at scale.

Do More with Domo

Today’s market is flooded with niche solutions that do one thing well. Fuel your entire data journey with one cloud-native platform.

From data connections, integrations and prep, to BI and visualizations, we’re your trusted partner along the entire data journey.  

  • Reimagine data prep. Domo’s data prep and last-mile data wrangling solutions streamline and automate complex tasks and data connections, empowering analysts and data engineers to unlock the full potential of their data.
  • Accelerate time to analysis. Quickly combine data from multiple sources with our library of 1,000+ connectors, improve data quality, and automate data prep tasks so you can focus on what matters most—such as enabling data-driven decision making and adopting new technologies.
  • Scale your business, not your costs. Reduce expensive individual licenses for solutions that only do one thing well. Instead, derive more value from one end-to-end data platform that does it all.

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Your Trusted End-to-End Data Platform for Faster Insights

Domo supports and improves every stage of the data journey—with precision.

Domo’s end-to-end platform works across your entire data value chain, not just one part of it. Domo connects, ingests, transforms, stores, queries, integrates, analyzes, and visualizes all your data—so you can you take immediate action on it.

  • Data Foundation: Domo’s data experience platform has three layers—starting with the data foundation, thoughtfully developed with built-in governance to ensure security, privacy, and compliance. 
  • BI and Analytics:
    Our BI and analytics layer empowers everyone across your organization with easy-to-share visualizations, proactive alerts, intelligent insights, and a flexible AI framework to securely access, scale, and benefit from generative AI. 
  • App Creation Tools:
    Finally, our App Creation Tools layer lets you quickly act on your insights, automate workflows, and drive more meaningful business impact. Create low-code and pro-code apps—or access hundreds of pre-built ones on Domo’s Appstore. 

Do More with Your Data

Make your prototypes your greatest asset.

Domo understands all things data—including the importance of testing, learning, and prototyping with on-premises data sources. But what happens next? Are your prototypes scalable? Are they easily accessible?  

Scale back on costly licenses that only do one thing well. Implement a complementary end-to-end solution that unlocks more value from your data at a significantly lower cost.  

Once your prototypes are developed, use Domo to build connectors to your data sources so you can automate them and: 

  • Create dynamic visualizations and surface new insights. 
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to quickly identify trends and patterns that spark internal action. 
  • Set up proactive alerts across devices so teams are always up-to-the-minute on the latest information—all without ever sacrificing security. 

Uplevel Your Cloud Integration Strategy

Maximize the value of your data across your growing ecosystem of cloud platforms.

Domo makes it easier to deliver engaging, actionable data experiences at scale through seamless access so you can leverage your data regardless of where it lives and unifies your disparate cloud systems and sources. 

With Domo you can: 

  • Access thousands of pre-built connectors and connect to your systems and data sources with ease.
  • Eliminate data silos to surface new insights, faster, and put data to work for everyone to drive more impactful business outcomes. 
  • Connect and integrate your data—no matter the size, volume, or source. 
  • Make your data available and actionable to everyone across your organization with apps, visualizations, and AI—without ever sacrificing security.

Supercharge Your Data Transformation

Connect and use data across your entire ecosystem with one seamless integration. 

Combining and transforming your data has never been easier with Domo Cloud Amplifier, a hybrid architecture that seamlessly integrates with your existing cloud and data infrastructure. Now you can use data across your ecosystem for analysis, modeling, and visualization without having to copy or move it from existing data sources.

Get the most value from your existing tech investments to scale data access, manage systems and cost, and maintain governance no matter where your data is stored.

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