Finally. A better life.

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Manual processes are automated.

Your business reporting is too manual and—let’s be honest—your Excel chart makes little sense to anyone outside of your department. Domo offers pre-built best practices that answer your business’ most pressing questions, so you can visualize your information with a few clicks.

Data management is streamlined.

Your data lives here, there, and everywhere. Domo has developed hundreds of pre-built connectors that enable you to pull business data from anywhere, so you can always make the best decisions, with the best available data.

Data stories are visualized.

You have a bunch of information in front of you, but insights are trapped in rows and columns. Domo gives you the freedom to visualize your data the way you want, so you can tell the stories that will move your business forward.

Work is more collaborative.

You see your team’s data. Other teams? Not so much. Domo brings all your people and data together in one place to make collaboration simple. Ask questions, get answers and take action—right where your data lives.