Work silos are notorious for producing duplicated efforts and widespread inefficiencies—yet most organizations struggle with breaking them down.

Domo Profiles bring a refreshing level of transparency to your business. Want to know more about a card owner? Curious who posted that comment in DomoBuzz? Profile answers these questions. See where people fit in, find their contact information, and learn how they contribute to the organization.

The social functionality of Domo, the ability to interact with other people and engage in conversations with them, the interface – that’s invaluable.

Jonathan Klingler | Director, Risk Management, Check Into Cash

Enjoy a better directory.

Understand your colleagues.

Share your social.

Reach people from anywhere.

Know when to take action.

Choose your views.

Visualize data any way you want.

Choose from more than 350.

Tell the story in your data.

Collaborate where your data lives.

Cleanse, combine, and transform your data.

Manage your business from anywhere.

Understand where everyone fits in.

Get information to those who need it.

Share info outside of Domo.

Move on-premise data securely into Domo.