Enable everyone to transform data.

There’s a lot of important data within your business, but it comes in a dizzying array of formats. Traditionally, the combining of data sources was limited to technical folks that used complex, time-consuming processes.

Domo changes all of that with powerful and flexible ETL tools. Domo’s ETL Magic makes it possible for people of all skill levels to extract and transform data easily without affecting data quality.

"With Domo, the change has been fairly seismic. It’s like being in a room with no lights on and turning on a light."

Tom Brady | Head of Digital Enablement, SAB Miller

ETL Software

This powerful addition to Domo allows you to cleanse, combine and transform your data without any SQL knowledge. Schedule transformation jobs using our comprehensive ETL tool.  


DataFusion improves data integration by letting you select and merge data sources so you can begin visualizing your data. Data Fusion makes joining MySQL, Redshift, CSV , Excel and hundreds of other data sources simple. So there’s no need for experience with other ETL tools.


DataFlows allows for the use of common SQL commands so that your data warehouse can be accessed, joined, cleansed and transformed within Domo.

Domo features.

Domo is the only platform capable of bringing your business, and all the data it relies on, together in one place.


Know when to take action.


Choose your views.

Card Builder

Visualize data any way you want.

Connector Library

Choose from more than 350.


Tell the story in your data.


Collaborate where your data lives.


Cleanse, combine, and transform your data.


Manage your business from anywhere.


Understand where everyone fits in.


Get information to those who need it.


Get organized. Get more done.


Move on-premise data securely into Domo.

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