Friday, June 7, 2019

Domo Partners with Zendesk to Launch the New Customer Success for IoT App

This new app, an extension of the Domo IoT Cloud, enables a better, proactive customer service experience by creating autonomous workflow from device data to issue resolution

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – June 7, 2019 – Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO), the provider of the leading cloud-based operating system for business, today announced a partnership with Zendesk, to help customers better manage their IoT solutions and offer a better, proactive service experience to their end users. As part of this partnership, Domo and Zendesk launched the Zendesk Customer Success for IoT App, an application built on top of the Domo IoT Cloud, to provide end-to-end management of data from device to end user.

With this new app, companies can merge their Zendesk data with data from other sources, all in the Domo platform. Once this data is in Domo, companies can get a holistic view of its customers’ needs and habits, and see how business decisions are affecting customers in real-time. Companies get real-time alerts based upon changes in the data coming from a device, and Domo pushes that data back to Zendesk Sunshine, the company’s CRM platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to automatically initiate a ticket for Zendesk support. This app offers an end-to-end solution for companies to take action based upon the data from their IoT machines.

“Domo is helping customers evolve their IoT data from an operational tool for the shop floor to a valuable asset for the entire company. With this new App, we are providing our mutual customers with a seamless experience for taking data from machines and initiating workflow to solve problems.  Zendesk Sunshine makes it easy to deliver this integrated experience, which we believe is the future of IoT,” said Jay Heglar, chief strategy officer, Domo.

In addition to Domo’s new IoT App, Domo integrates an organization’s most relevant Zendesk data points and turns them into dynamic visualizations, including:

  • Customer Satisfaction: This feature allows users to easily analyze customer survey responses and breakdown the data by marketing channel, manager, location, teams and individual agents, to identify trends and improve customer satisfaction scores.
  • Support Ticket Activity: This feature allows customers to view all of their support ticket data in one digestible dashboard, seeing opened and closed tickets, the number of escalations, and support team efficiency with a variety of filters and segments.
  • Zendesk QuickStart: The Zendesk QuickStart provides a comprehensive summary of team performance, including backlog management, ticket handling, agent leaderboards, and much more. This feature allows customers to optimize their customer support and streamline their organization’s operations.

“The best customer experiences are built on Zendesk. Our customers are looking to drive excellent customer experiences and increased business value through IoT data, our new partnership with Domo helps us deliver on that opportunity,” said Norm Gennaro, SVP of worldwide sales at Zendesk. “With the new Domo and Zendesk app, organizations can gain a holistic view of their customers’ needs and habits, and anticipate helpdesk requests that are affecting their customers in real-time.”

Companies like SharkNinja will be able to use this new solution to provide a new level of customer service to its install base.

“When SharkNinja launched the new Ion robot, they had hundreds of thousands of robots in consumers’ homes. And it would take them a whole week to analyze data from just 20 robots to learn things like ‘is the battery running low,’ or ‘is the robot completing its mission.’ After implementing the Domo IoT Cloud and Zendesk integration, SharkNinja will get 20 billion rows of data every hour to tell them what the robot’s doing, how they can proactively help a customer with a robot issue they may not have even detected, and give a five-star experience to all of their customers,” explained Heglar.

Domo currently has over 30 IoT Integration Apps including AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, Raspberry Pi and Soracom. Besides the Zendesk integration, the newest in the fleet of IoT Integration Apps is the MQTT data and connectivity App. MQTT is a machine-to-machine, Internet of Things connectivity protocol. This protocol is lightweight and is suitable for constrained environments. This protocol is deployed in many IoT devices globally.  MQTT is useful for connections with remote locations where a small code footprint is required and/or network bandwidth is at a premium. For example, MQTT has been used in sensors communicating to a broker via satellite link, over occasional dial-up connections with healthcare providers, and in a range of home automation and small device scenarios. It is also ideal for mobile applications because of its small size, low power usage, minimized data packets, and efficient distribution of information to one or many receivers.

The Zendesk Customer Success App for IoT is available now. For more information about this app and the Zendesk partnership, visit:

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