Confidently forecast sales with the power of machine learning.

Leverage Domo’s data science & machine learning solution to predict sales performance.

Find new insights in your CRM data for more accurate sales forecasting.

Domo’s AutoML for CRM, powered by Amazon SageMaker Autopilot, gives you the ability to better predict sales by integrating all your CRM data quickly, enhancing it with machine learning, and using it to predict opportunity wins.

Proactively manage your sales pipeline.
Combine data from your CRM system with other data, such as transactions, demographic, and geographic data, to see cross-sections of your pipeline and focus on the best opportunities.
Understand revenue drivers.
Determine what factors will drive ACV and forecast revenue with more certainty to mitigate any risk of shortfalls, improve the strategic planning process, and target areas for improvement.
Detect opportunities most likely to close.
Use machine learning to see which opportunities have the highest propensity to close and focus your team on those.

Accelerate time to value of your CRM data faster than ever before.

AutoML for CRM allows you to:

Integrate large and complex volumes of CRM data and reduce manual work.

Apply machine learning to your data in hours instead of days or weeks.

Turn your data into meaningful, actionable insights in minutes.

Optimize forecasting accuracy.

Combine and consolidate data from any system on expected revenue, conversion likelihood, product preferences, decision-maker contacts, and more, then apply machine learning to deliver a more accurate sales forecast with real-time updates, alerts, and notifications.

Drive incremental sales.

Recommend the next best action to your sales reps and focus them on the highest quality opportunities based on insights in your data, including:

  • Customer propensity to buy
  • Likelihood of conversion
  • Product preferences
  • Attributes that may put deals at risk

Hold your sales teams accountable.

Compare your sales teams’ forecasts with your data to understand if your pipeline can support the forecasted revenue and work closely with teams to create more precise forecasts.

Prioritize opportunities in the pipeline.

Analyze ACV performance at the opportunity level with predictions of your highest yielding sales stages the propensity of each deal to convert, and predicted timelines for conversion.

Discover what factors influence ACV.

Uncover deep insights to understand causality between factors that impact ACV. Leverage a variety of models for scoring to help drive immediate and long-term sales.

Powered by best-in-class data science & machine learning.

Domo’s data science and machine learning capabilities, powered by Amazon SageMaker Autopilot, are the backbone to a production data science framework for statistically and mathematically-driven data profiling and analysis.

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