The Domo Advanced Support Package:

  • 24x7 priority phone support for Priority 1 issues (North America only) - See below for full details
  • Email, online, and phone support for all other issues (Priority 2 - Priority 3) from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm (Mountain Time) - See below for full details
  • Access to all releases, updates and patches for Domo Advanced Server and Domo Advanced Builder
  • Online access to the following resources:
    • Domo Knowledge Base
    • Technical examples
    • Quick start tutorials
    • FAQ
    • White papers
    • Exclusive client support content
    • Tips and tricks

1. Technical Support Services

  • Domo will provide Subscriber with phone and email technical support during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays observed by Domo. Phone and email support consists of assistance related to any technical problems that causes a Services interruption or poor operating performance. Phone and email technical support does not include assistance with questions regarding the use or best practices of the Services. Subscriber can purchase training in accordance with other offerings Domo provides.
    • Subscriber Obligations
      • Trained Contacts. Subscriber will appoint up to two individuals within Subscriber’s organization that are trained on the operation of the Services to act as primary contacts between Subscriber and Domo with regards to the Technical Support Services. Subscriber must initiate all requests for Technical Support Services through these contacts.
      • Reasonable Assistance. Subscriber will provide Domo reasonable access to all necessary personnel to answer questions regarding errors and other problems reported by Subscriber including but not limited to: Configuration files, log files, content archives, customized plugin code, and data samples.
      • Error Reporting. Subscriber will document and promptly report all detected errors to Domo with sufficient detail to permit Domo to reproduce the error. Subscriber will assist Domo with recreating and diagnosing each error.
    • Good Standing. The provision of the Technical Support Services by Domo during the term of this Agreement is contingent upon Subscriber’s performance of its payment and other obligations under the Agreement. Domo reserves the right, in addition to other remedies available, to suspend its provision of the Technical Support Services for so long as Subscriber is not current with its obligations.

Priority Error Definitions

Priority 1 Error: An error that causes

  • An important component of the Software to be unusable (e.g. Domo Advanced Server, Domo Advanced Server Administrator, etc.)
  • A system or product malfunction that has frequent or major impact on usability or performance
  • Frequent failure of an important service that utilizes the Software (eg. Web Service, etc.)

Priority 2 Error: An error that causes

  • A major failure to an important feature in the Software resulting in significant inconvenience to a user but includes a work around
  • A system or product malfunction that has an infrequent or minor impact on the user
  • A major feature of the Software to perform materially differently from the description of that feature in the documentation

Priority 3 Error: An error that causes

  • Minimal impact on users;
  • Causes a malfunction of a non-essential feature of the Software
  • Pertains to a Test System