Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Federated Media Gets More Value From Data With Domo

Domo Helps Federated Media Navigate Mass Amounts of Complex Data

Federated Media Domo

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – December 03, 2013 – Today Domo announced that Federated Media Publishing, the conversational marketing pioneer and champion of content that fuels the social web, has implemented Domo’s solution to relieve its overloaded data management team, streamline inconsistent data across multiple office locations, and serve up custom reports to provide more accurate insights to its executives.

Federated Media owns and operates one of the largest real-time ad exchanges in the world. Its vast data store of almost a petabyte of information represents more than 150 million unique visitors every month and 2.5 billion ad impression opportunities per day.

The inordinate amount of data created by Federated Media’s ad exchange was creating quite the headache for the company’s data management team. After switching to Domo, Federated Media is spending less time trying to wrangle the data, and more time getting value from it.

“Our data management team no longer has to spend so much time trying to make sure we can store terabytes upon terabytes of data,” said Aaron Martin, Federated Media’s Director of Product Management. “Now they can spend more time strategically thinking about reporting and how to make the data more functional.”

In addition to relieving pressure from Federated Media’s data management team, Domo also allows business users across the company to generate their own reports.

“Domo is very simple to use for the amount of complex work that gets done in there,” continued Martin. “It’s very user-friendly, so there is really no learning curve.”

He added, “Instead of being reactive to our data, Domo gives us a way to set boundaries and become more proactive by taking action on the data that really matters.”

When Federated Media acquired Lijit Networks in October 2011, Domo also helped minimize the stress of integrating data between two disparate organizations.

“Domo allows us to integrate data that would otherwise be too manual to combine, so it gives us a unique perspective into not just how our systems are working together, but also how those systems are affected by each other,” said Martin. “We’ve been trying to bridge the communication gap between two companies with very few systems that can talk directly to each other. Domo is the bridge that helps us communicate what’s going on analytically throughout our entire company.”

To learn more how Federated Media and other progressive companies are using Domo to get more value from their business data, visit http://www.domo.com/company/customers/.

About Federated Media Publishing

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About Domo

Domo is a cloud-based executive management platform that gives users direct, real-time access to all the business information they care about, in one place.

With $125 million in funding, Domo is backed by an all-star list of angels and investors including Benchmark, IVP, GGV Capital, Greylock Partners, Founders Fund, Hummer Winblad, WPP, plus CEOs of the world’s largest SaaS and Internet businesses.

Domo’s founding team consists of some of the most sought after talent in the industry with experience that includes Amazon, American Express, Ancestry.com, eBay, Endeca, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MLB.com, Omniture, salesforce.com and SAP.

For more information, visit http://www.domo.com/.  You can also follow Domo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


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