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Your job is to make critical decisions, but the information you need isn't at your fingertips. Why? Because it's spread across your entire organization—in spreadsheets, databases, applications and conversations that should be happening, but aren't.

  • See your entire organization's performance
  • Increase transparency
  • Run your business from any device
  • Make better decisions, faster

CEO Spotlight

Vivian Bohme
Vivian Bohme | CEO, Bohme Boutique

"My managers are acting like little CEOs. Hallelujah!"

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You know your organization's financial pulse—but reporting on it quickly and clearly is next to impossible. Why? Because spreadsheet reports just don't cut it anymore. Not only are they cumbersome for executives to consume, they're also outdated almost as soon as they're produced.

  • Connect to all your sources of financial data
  • See information in a single dashboard
  • Let decision makers view real-time data
  • Reduce ad hoc report requests
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Your analytical skillset makes you an asset to your organization, but all too often you're not doing what you're paid to do. Why? Because you're spending time collecting, calculating and normalizing data, instead of discovering new ways to measure performance and provide insights that lead to better business decisions.

  • Automate data aggregation and calculations
  • Easily integrate new data sources
  • Spend more time producing insights
  • Arm decision-makers with timely information

BI Spotlight

Andrew Mok
Andrew Mok | BI DIRECTOR, Relay Rides
"The KPIs that are in Domo are really front and center in our mind—and they're the precursor to pretty much every decision we make in this company."
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You're tasked with running a lean and mean organization—but key opportunities are passing you by. Why? Because whether you're dealing with supply chain, inventory, working capital or product lifecycle, the sheer volume and complexity of your data makes insights difficult to uncover.

  • See your key operational metrics
  • Be notified of opportunities and threats
  • Manage by exception
  • Position your organization for renewed growth

Operations Spotlight

Brandon Boudreau
Brandon Boudreau | COO, Metro West
"I love that I can monitor our business updates in real time on my mobile device. Since we're a very fast-paced company, I need to be able to see what's going on and react to things immediately."
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You are the information hub, but endless reports keep you from doing your job. Why? Because BI is broken. Business users should be able to access critical information on their own—but they can't. And you're stuck filling in the gaps.

  • Deliver genuine self-service BI
  • Avoid expensive data warehousing
  • Eliminate hours of ad hoc reporting
  • Spend more time doing what you do best
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Your job is to close deals—but you lack critical information to crush your quota. Why? Because sales reporting is clunky—the data you need takes too long to acquire and consume. So while you survive on 20% of your sales insights, the other 80% pass you by.

  • See all performance metrics in one view
  • React faster to sales opportunities
  • Understand customer purchasing patterns
  • Get real time sales insights wherever you go
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You fuel demand—but you can't pivot without real-time, centralized data. Why? Because your campaigns have thousands of moving parts. Without a holistic view of CRM, email, analytics, search and social, you'll always be one step behind.

  • See all your marketing data in real-time
  • Get a single view of all your key metrics
  • Adapt with greater efficiency
  • Track your successes to revenue

Marketing Spotlight

Guy Fish
Guy Fish | MARKETING, H&R Block
"It was difficult to get a clear picture of our marketing data when it lived in silos. Now, seeing it in an integrated dashboard, we can quickly pinpoint gaps and successes"
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