What impact will you make with Domo?

Domo connects your people with the data they need to improve business results.

And the impact is extraordinary.

Make smarter, faster decisions.

It’s never been easier to connect your people with the data they need to take action.

Rapid set up

Connect people to the data they need quickly, with over 400 connectors to the most popular business applications. Learn more

Cleaner data

Enjoy simple options for cleansing your data—whether it’s Magic ETL for the data newbie, or Dataflows for the BI wizard. Learn more

Faster Insights

Draw conclusions about your business and answer questions quickly with intuitive data exploration and filtering. Learn more

Discover the next big opportunity in your business.

With the right data, you can find hidden opportunities you didn't know existed. Swap one-size-fits-all dashboards and rigid technology stacks with a customizable platform to set you ahead of the pack.

Out-of-the-box expertise

Leverage off-the-shelf apps that help you gain specific insights about your business— tailored to industry, role, and business challenge. Learn more

Tailored insights

Reveal your organization’s strategic opportunities with customized, interactive business apps that reflect your competitive advantage. Learn more

Work better. Together.

When you add human insights to quantitative data, your entire organization gets incredibly smart, incredibly fast.

Quick consensus

Quickly arrive at consensus, act, and capitalize on opportunities with Buzz—a collaboration platform that adds data to the conversation. Learn more

Spur action

Find who and what you need faster, so you can reduce time to action. With Profiles and Org Chart, understanding functional relationships has never been easier. Learn more

Coordinate efforts

Ensure everyone is aware of (and responding to) opportunities across your organization with Projects and Tasks. Learn more

Take action—anywhere, anytime.

Business analytics are useless without action. Domo gets you from insight to action faster than ever before possible.

Ready when you are

Optimization doesn’t have to wait till you’re back at your desk. With a seamless mobile experience, you’re free to take action anytime. Learn more

Handle irregularities

Know which areas of your business need attention with intelligent alerts that are triggered by irregularities in your data. Learn more

See the future

Have more time to react to trends when you can identify them earlier with a host of predictive business apps.

Powered by The Business Cloud.

When you lift the hood of Domo's business management software, you'll find The Business Cloud—the world's first open, self-service platform for running your entire business.

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