Products to take you from insight to action.

From visualization to data apps, Domo’s powerful products will lead your teams to the next best action.

The Domo Business Cloud® Platform

Domo’s low-code data app platform is the foundation on which all Domo products are built.

The Domo Business Cloud® is where work gets done proactively, faster, and smarter.

Domo can help you harness the power of your data in apps to drive action from your insights.

Reporting & Dashboards

Create interactive, custom dashboards with ease.

Self-service Analytics

Make data accessible to all and free up analysts' time.

Data Sharing & Embedded Analytics

Share analytics securely with customers and partners.

Data Apps

Provide teams with data apps to solve business problems.

Reporting and dashboards products.

Domo's visualization tools let you provide high-quality, easy-to-use self-service dashboards, and augment them with alerts and AI to build more effective workflows.

Provide self-service analytics to business users so they can answer their own questions, freeing up IT resources.

Create customized dashboards that guide people through analysis and improve comprehension with augmented analytics.

Define your own criteria to be notified right on your phone when important data points change.

Data sharing and embedded analytics products.

It’s never been more important to share data both inside and outside your organization. With Domo Everywhere, you can embed analytics within your own portals, products, or host them with Domo.

Share data with everyone, including customers and partners.

Streamline external reporting by enabling customers and partners to view up-to-date analytics—no more manual reports.

Turn your data insights into value-added product features to help drive new business.

Go beyond just sharing charts and graphs and actually embed data apps that you build on the Domo platform.

Data Apps products.

Whether you use Domo’s pre-built apps, create your own with low-code tooling, or let Domo help you, you can put data in the hands of those who need it, within their normal workflows, customized just for them.

Organize your goals and OKRs with Domo’s Goals App, designed to align your organizations goals from top to bottom, provide transparency, and encourage accountability.

Use Domo's Approvals App to streamline any approval process throughout your organization to improve efficiency and avoid bottlenecks.

Data integration products.

With Domo’s Integration Cloud, you can connect and transform your data to make it ready for analysis, as well as orchestrate data pipelines—faster than you could ever imagine.

Connect, combine, and transform data, from cloud systems, cloud data warehouses, on-premises systems, and legacy systems.

Automate data pipelines to send data between Domo and other systems.

Live query your data warehouse or store data in Domo with sub-second queries.

Get world-class data governance and security.

With Domo’s comprehensive security and governance features, you can:

Implement data governance across the enterprise with data lineage and content certification.

Stay in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 1/2 and ISO standards.

Control data access with personalized data permissions at user and row levels, and customized user roles.

Grant access by role with SSO and Active Directory integration and manage permissions at scale with APIs.

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