Seamlessly share data between systems.

With Domo’s Integration Studio, you can create a dataset, transform it, and send it to another system—all in one place.

Connect your data from system to system.

As part of Domo’s Integration Cloud, Integration Studio allows you to link systems together that otherwise would not be able to share data.

Transform data with drag-and-drop.

Use Domo to transform your data with drag-and-drop ETL, and even apply data science, machine learning, and AI to your data.

Make data more accessible.

Send transformed data from Domo back to other systems so users can take immediate action from the systems they use every day.

Build data pipelines from start to finish.

Our simple drag-and-drop tools allow you to configure data connections from any source—cloud, on-premises, proprietary systems, or a combination of all three—then configure and load your data without ever leaving your screen.

Strengthen the connections in your data ecosystem.

As the need for data grows, internal data ecosystem can become more and more complex. Link these systems easily with Integration Studio, ensuring consistency across all sources of truth.

Add writebacks to the end of data flows, automating updates across systems.

Use write-to functionality to hydrate your data lakes.

Apply data science actions and R or Python scripts.

The power of Integration Studio.

Here are just a few examples of how you can connect systems like never before with Integration Studio—all with no manual work.

Automated marketing pipeline.
Integrate leads from your marketing automation system into Domo, combine them with sales rep availability data, then push assigned leads directly back to Salesforce.

Make more data available in the systems people use.
For example, if S3 is where your team typically accesses data, use Domo to cleanse your data, then push it out to S3 for broader access.

One source of truth.
When the same data lives in multiple systems, there is always room for error. Domo can be the central hub where your data is combined and cleansed, then sent back to other systems to ensure there are no discrepancies between systems.

Pre-built writeback connectors.
A growing list of pre-built bi-directional connectors are available for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Storage, Box, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and more.

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