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Domopalooza 2024 Keynotes

The keynotes and customer moments that defined Domopalooza 2024.

Opening Keynote

Josh James, Founder and CEO, Domo

Product Keynote

Daren Thayne, CTO, Domo

Visionary Keynote

Mark Boothe, CMO, Domo

Fireside Chat with Regional One Health’s President and CEO
Fireside Chat with Odele’s Co-Founder
Fireside Chat with Allied Universal’s SVP of Global BI and Finance
Interview with Snowflake’s Head of Technology Alliances

The Best of Domopalooza 2024

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Check out Domo's new product announcements

Here’s a quick recap of our most exciting product announcements from Domopalooza, as well as new features that are available now.

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Powering Data Experiences with Domo.AI

Making the most of AI’s potential relies on both our community’s ingenuity and the tools our people employ. The Domo team—Chris Willis, Chief Design Officer, Kristie Rowley, Senior Director of AI Labs, and Noah Finberg, Head of Developer Innovation—shares how customers can integrate advanced AI with their data inside Domo's secure ecosystem, all to help them make smarter decisions with AI.
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Domo.AI Models

Domo's AI Model Management platform acts as a data center for models, giving you fast, secure access to AI and machine learning models like never before. Bring in external models, or build your own in Domo, and rest assured they remain protected within the safeguards and governance of the Domo platform.

Domo.AI Chat

Ever wish you could just ask your data anything? Domo.AI Chat brings you personalized, intelligent insights on your data—like your own personal data assistant available 24/7. AI Chat knows your data and understands the context of your conversation to provide valuable insights and suggested actions at every turn.

App Studio

Combining the design and functionality of pro-code apps with the simplicity and speed of no-code dashboards, App Studio is the most powerful way to build immersive data experiences in Domo. App Studio uplevels what you can build in Domo without needing technical skills—making creating, distributing, and consuming Domo apps accessible to everyone.
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Repetitive tasks, multi-step processes, and information-sharing all play a part in your everyday work. Although necessary, these manual tasks take up valuable time and leave too much room for error. Domo Workflows helps you automate menial tasks, orchestrate processes within and beyond Domo, and integrate users, data, and logic with external systems.
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Magic ETL + Domo Cloud Amplifier

Cloud Amplifier brings the power of Domo directly to your data cloud, acting as the bridge between disparate systems. Magic ETL tackles data cleaning and integration with ease, transforming raw data into usable assets in minutes. Now, with the help of Cloud Amplifier, we’re bringing Magic ETL directly to your data source.
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Ovation Award Winners

Hear from Domo’s 2024 community ovation award winners on stage. The annual Community Ovation Awards celebrate innovative and impactful ways that Domo community members are using Domo.

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Domopalooza returns March 18-21, 2025, in Salt Lake City at the Grand & Little America Hotel.

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