Domo’s free Location Readiness App helps you lead a safe, data-driven return to work.

Pinpoint the COVID-19 metrics for the places where you do business—including new cases, tests, social distancing, and more—so you can make informed decisions on getting back to work.

Give your employees confidence in coming back to work.

Get your employees back to work safely, make informed decisions, and ensure business continuity with Domo’s Get Back To Work solution.

Rapidly understand your COVID-19 business environment and take action.

Have confidence in your decisions, and get the most out of your teams and data, no matter what gets thrown at you.

See how states are managing COVID-19.

Get your state back up and running with tools to manage testing, track PPE equipment, collaborate on findings, and take quick action.

Clearscore gains high-leverage BI thanks to Domo.

DHL ordered a week’s worth of data collection in an instant. Domo delivered at unbelievable speed.

Domo helped Traeger make decisions orders of magnitude faster in the cloud era.

Zillow used actionable data in Domo to simplify billing processes and reduce billing time by 90%.

Modernize + mobilize any business process to run, learn, and serve—on the fly.

Go fast.

Instrument key processes so everyone can understand and improve operations—as it happens.

Go big.

Trillions of rows of data, updated millions of times, delivered to end users in sub-second query times.

Go bold.

Dream up and deliver innovations that advance your competitiveness and value—in record time.

Connect and empower your business with data.

Domo is the only cloud-native platform that combines iPaaS capabilities for data integration, visualizations for real-time and predictive insights, and a foundation for building your own apps to take immediate action on those insights.

Connect & Transform

Securely connect and combine data from any on-premises or cloud source.

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Visualize & Analyze

Create real-time visualizations and enable your teams to find new insights on any device.

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Build Apps & Extend

Create and leverage low-code custom apps for teams, customers, and partners.

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Domo has far exceeded my expectations. It was much simpler to get disparate data sources into the system than I'd ever imagined.

What we couldn’t accomplish with the previous BI tool, we were able to establish in a week. That includes connecting the data, manipulating the data, and visualizing it in Domo.

Dominic Blosil | CFO

Dream it, build it.

Build on Domo's open cloud platform to create custom solutions as unique as your business.

The speed we dream up, build a solution and deploy it in Domo is unlike any other experience in my career.

Doug Kramon | Senior Director of Fan Support & Customer Care Operations

Working with Domo has been the key to our success. Domo’s app offerings allow us to modernize the way our retail leaders run their operations, by putting focus squarely on the business functions they manage every day.

Alison Chu | Director of Customer Experience

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