Put data to work and help everyone multiply their impact.

Move from basic charts and graphs to data experiences that fuel "Aha!" insights and action in the moments that matter.

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Domo Data Experience Platform

Create a company of multipliers.

Fresh data and provocative insights are not just good for a select few. We believe everybody in your organization can use data experiences to multiply their impact on the business.

Empower all your teams.

Our unique user-centric approach makes the platform easy for anyone to use while still offering advanced capabilities that enable technical teams to respond quickly to business needs.

Let data drive your business.

Domo helps you foster a data-driven culture of curiosity that inspires bold questions and smart, fast, transformative action.

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ROI that turns heads.

Analysts agree that Domo's solutions for BI and apps provide value in record time.

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ROI for Small and Medium Businesses
ROI over 3 years
Over $1M
in increased revenue
<6 month
payback period
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ROI for Apps
ROI over 3 years
benefits present value
net present value
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Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Domo For Small and Medium Businesses, March 2021
The Total Economic Impact™ of Domo, March 2022

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