/ Domo’s business management platform: A step-by-step guide

At Domopalooza, Domo’s inaugural user conference, Josh James announced that the company had just closed a huge funding round that pushed its valuation up to $2 billion.

That’s big news – especially considering that our company has been in self-enforced “stealth mode” since 2010. With the launch of our product, though, the covers are finally off. We’re proud of what we’ve been building here at Domo and we’re excited to finally start talking about our business management software.

So what can business users expect from Domo? For starters, Domo is a cloud-based platform that helps managers get a handle on their business. It enables its users to connect to existing data sources, visualize the information, and get insights all in real time.

Business users should be prepared to undergo an implementation process that’s fairly simple and straightforward.

“We’ve been focused on taking the complexity out of the process when it comes to assessing, understanding and leveraging data,” said James in his Domopalooza keynote.

He broke down Domo into five core products that are the secret behind the business platform’s special sauce. While there are a few companies that tackle one or two of these products, what sets Domo apart is that is has been building a comprehensive stack of solutions for businesses.

“We have five startups in one,” said James. “Connect. Prepare. Visualize. Engage. Optimize.”

pyramid.grey background

The products that constitute Domo, as described by Josh James.

Members of Domo’s executive team walked the audience through each of these products on stage at Domopalooza. Here’s what you can expect from Domo:


The first step to getting your business data into Domo is to connect your data sources to the Domo platform. CTO Daren Thayne reminded the audience of how much work his team has dedicated to this critical piece of the pyramid. “I’ve spent the last two years building the data framework to connect to hundreds of networks,” he said. His team’s work has paid off – getting your data into Domo is quick and painless.


Domo’s hundreds of pre-built connectors enable you to quickly pull your data together so you can see the big picture. You can even connect to third party APIs! Go here to see a sample of Domo connectors available today.


Businesses have spent billions of dollars on legacy on-premise data centers. With Workbench, enterprises can securely access and upload on-premise data into Domo. And there’s an added measure of data encryption for your sensitive information.

1-Click Apps

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to wait in line to get access to the data you need. With Domo 1-Click Apps, you can instantly connect to a variety of common business applications without knowing a lick of code.


Once you have the right data sources connected, the next step is to prep the data so that it yields accurate insights. “Data prep has been a barrier to you optimizing your business in real time,” said Domo’s VP of Engineering Catherine Wong as she introduced this step of the pyramid. “And we think it shouldn’t be.”


Here’s the key to Domo: You don’t need to be a data geek. The tools within Domo Magic make it possible for people of all skill levels to transform data and prepare it to provide real value. The ETL capability allows you to cleanse, combine, and transform your data and DataFusion lets you select and merge data sources seamlessly – no SQL knowledge necessary. If you need to make some changes to your data within Domo, though, don’t sweat it! DataFlows allows for the use of common SQL commands.


Work through the story behind the data. With Domo, you get the freedom to visualize data the way you like it in order to answer critical business questions. “There are literally hundreds of visualization types to choose from,” said Domo’s VP of Product Adam Landefeld. Domo’s product gives you the ability to customize your experience.

Card Builder

Is your brain working overtime to understand what your data is saying? With a simple drag-and-drop functionality, the Card Builder lets you make complex data sets more digestible and visually consumable.


Domo Pages gives you the freedom to organize and personalize your business information. Group, resize, or drag-and-drop your cards as you see fit.

Domo Apps

With Domo 1-Click Apps, you can connect instantly to a variety of different common business applications. 1-Click Apps leverage pre-built templates designed from our role and industry experience and provide you the fundamental story behind your business data.

At Domopalooza, Domo’s VP Matt Belkin showed the audience how easy it is to get full visibility into your sales organization with Domo’s All Rep Scorecard. “It’s not just about presenting data,” he quipped. “It’s about presenting data in a way that you can understand it.”


Long email threads and impromptu hallway discussions don’t make for effective teamwork. Domo connects your discussions to relevant data so your team can move quickly to action.


DomoBuzz gives you the ability to have conversations with your team right where your data lives, so you can ask questions and get answers more quickly. Get instant notifications when conversations are happening around metrics that matter to you.


Want to know more about a card owner? Curious who posted that comment in DomoBuzz? Domo Profiles adds transparency to your business by helping you see where people fit into the organization.


Data is only valuable once it finds its way into the right hands. Domo gives users a variety of options for sharing data with people within the organization as well as outside parties.


Sticky notes and a whiteboard just isn’t going to cut it. Tasks helps you take real action with simple planning, assigning and task-tracking features.


Focus on the metrics that matter. With a variety of analysis tools and notifications, Domo’s platform delivers insights that drive better results.


When there’s a red flag in your business, you don’t want to be caught by surprise. With Domo, you can configure your alerts to hit your inbox or text you when something interesting occurs – like a dip or a spike in a key metric.


Sometimes all you need is a specific subset of data. Analyzer provides users with a specific view of data – whether that’s a region, timeframe, product, or other qualifier.


“Mobile usages is exploding and it will only increase,” said Domo VP of UX Chris Willis. With Domo, you can enjoy a seamless product experience on any device you use. Consume data, get alerts, collaborate, and make decisions – wherever life takes you.

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