There are a million things happening in your business right now. With all the data at your disposal, how do you know where to focus?

With Domo, you can set thresholds on metrics and get email or mobile alerts when there are important changes to your business. Take action when they arrive, and rest easy when they don’t. It’s exception management at its finest.

The biggest benefit of Domo to me is how easily it calls out a red flag.

Chris Jenkins | VP Analytics, Stance

Manage your alerts.

Get mobile alerts.

Receive email alerts.

Know when to take action.

Choose your views.

Visualize data any way you want.

Choose from more than 350.

Tell the story in your data.

Collaborate where your data lives.

Cleanse, combine, and transform your data.

Manage your business from anywhere.

Understand where everyone fits in.

Get information to those who need it.

Get organized. Get more done.

Move on-premise data securely into Domo.