/ When techies tweet: Our Domopalooza 2016 Twitter talk recap.

Domopalooza 2016 officially wrapped up on Friday after three days of keynotes, breakouts, huge announcements, parties that brought down the house, and world-class skiing in the greatest snow on earth.

We really took it up a notch (more like 10) for Domopalooza this year. If you were in attendance or following along on social media, you know how epic this year’s conference was, and how big of a presence it had. In fact, Domopalooza 2016 reached over 25 million impressions on Twitter, and over 13,000 livestream viewers, and they all had plenty to say about #DP16.

One of the biggest highlights of Domopalooza was CEO Josh James’ big reveal of The Business Cloud. It’s the first of its kind—the first in the world, in fact—and it took social media by storm (pun slightly intended). Check out what our attendees had to say about it:

The Business Cloud was the biggest announcement, but Josh wasn’t done there. Domo’s new Appstore, developer ecosystem, mobile experiences, and Buzz were also introduced.


This year’s keynote speakers really took the conference to new heights with their insightful and inspiring stories about how they used data to gain the foresight needed to make game-changing decisions.


Our customer speakers brought their experience and expertise to the stage as well, giving the audience a peek into how they use Domo to make better decisions in their own businesses.

Then there’s that awkward moment when #DP16 is blowing up Twitter, and your Twitter handle just happens to be @DP16.

Don’t worry, @DP16, you’re not the only one who wasn’t sure what all the buzz was about :


Domopalooza 2016 was a great place to network and meet new people…and BFF bots.

Of course, it’s not Domopalooza without the “palooza.” There’s really no better way to wind down from a day of sessions and speakers like a good party. From the opening welcome reception, to the epic entertainment lineup, Domopalooza turned it up after hours.


The conference wrapped up with two full days of world-class skiing at Snowbird, and Mother Nature did us a favor and brought lots of fresh powder right in time.

With everything that happened at Domopalooza 2016, it’s hard to put it all into words. These tweets, though, do a pretty good job of summing it up:

Feeling the Domo FOMO yet? It’s not too early to start prepping for next year. For the next 60 days, full-price registration for Domopalooza 2017 is just $1000. See you at #DP17!

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