/ What you missed if you missed Domopalooza 2021

For a business to prosper in what is forever now a post-COVID world, it needs to be able to operate with speed, confidence, and agility—and those traits can only be wholly obtained through an approach that embraces “modern BI for all,” Domo CEO Josh James said during his Domopalooza 2021 keynote yesterday. 

“The thing that modern BI does different (than traditional BI) is this …,” Josh said while standing with a baseball bat next to a take-a-number ticket dispenser. “No more waiting. No more not being qualified or important enough to get the answers you need. And if you don’t have to wait, if you can get it for yourself, then any kind of question, from literally anyone in your organization, is totally fair game.” 

Then, as he got set to unleash a home-run-style swing on the ticket machine (above), he said: “With modern BI, everyone gets a piece.” 

From there, Josh went on to explain how companies can get this transformative type of BI, which is the concept Domo was founded on more than 10 years ago. 

“It all started with this crazy idea: Why can’t I get access to all my data in real-time? Why can’t I run my business from anywhere I want?” he asked. “And if I could run my business from any device, why couldn’t everyone in my business do this, too? And what about my partners? My vendors? My customers? Why can’t modern BI be for everyone?   

“So, that’s what we set out to do with Domo: make ‘Modern BI for All.’” 

Mission accomplished. Guided by three core principles that Josh succinctly detailed during the fast-moving keynote—data agility, data literacy, and intelligent action—Domo has built the quintessential BI platform, one that is empowering businesses of all kinds to adapt to changing market conditions on the fly and evolve in ways their leadership never imagined before. 

While Josh touched on several success stories during his backdrop-shifting monologue, which took Domopalooza attendees everywhere from the noble steps of a state capitol building to the “hot mess” of a chaotic restaurant kitchen (below), it was the videos that followed as part of the 90-minute general session that spoke to the true power and appeal of modern BI. 

For three of those videos, Josh went on location and learned from fellow data visionary McKinsey & Company and Domo customers Emerson and Yum! Brands exactly how modern BI is altering strategy and unlocking new business opportunities for their organizations and/or the organizations they work with.  

“Domo is allowing us to sell more,” said Paul Hepperla, VP of Solution Strategies at Emerson, “but it’s also changing what we’re selling.” 

“Connected data creates value,” added Mohammed Aasar, McKinsey’s chief data officer. “If you can move to a connected data ecosystem where you’ve got transparency around your data, you can use that accessibility to drive so many things.” 

Other moments or programs that helped define another entertaining and insightful virtual Domopalooza included:  

  • The unveiling of the industry’s first multi-cloud data offering for modern BI, giving business decision makers a single interface from which they can leverage data across multiple cloud data platforms;
  • A captivating look at Domo Everywhere’s newest capabilities, which make it easy for organizations to extend the value of their data;
  • Fun-yet-informative presentations by Domo product developers and experts about some of the more than 100 other modern-BI-driven features that were just released;  
  • A general-session conversation between Domo Chief Product Officer Catherine Wong and AWS Data Exchange General Manager Stephen Orban about the benefits of unfettered access to third-party data—and how the expanded partnership between Domo and AWS smoothly paves the way to that access and, in turn, breeds new levels of modern BI maturity; 
  • 3 “Domo sneaks” that provided a glimpse into what Domo is currently working on and planning to roll out soon;
  • 7 roundtable discussions involving an array of esteemed business leaders, all of whom proved they have their fingers firmly on the pulse of data, analytics, and BI; 
  • 21 in-depth, product workshops, a lot of which featured representatives of organizations that have implemented Domo in meaningful ways over the past year; and 
  • 33 easy-to-consume “spotlight videos” that profiled customers who are making “modern BI for all” a reality in their business, which is making their “big, hairy goals” (as Josh likes to call them) attainable.  

To watch a replay of the Domopalooza 2021 general session, or to view on-demand any other piece of content that went into one of the most comprehensive agendas in Domopalooza history, click here.

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