Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Domo Launches More than 100 New Features at Domopalooza 2021 and Raises the Bar with Modern BI for All

New features supporting data literacy and intelligent action make it even easier for everyone to understand, interact with and leverage data 

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) today released over 100 new features to make it easier for everyone to understand, interact with and leverage data. Included among these features are new augmented capabilities that reduce the technical barriers for any business decision maker to be more data curious and more effectively put data to work.

Organizations and their business decisions makers have access to more data than ever; understanding and leveraging the right data can be overwhelming and difficult when working with millions, billions or trillions of rows of data. Helping overcome these barriers are the focus of today’s new features, including the following that were among those demonstrated at Domopalooza this morning:

  • Dataset Views and Analyzer come together to promote data adoption and curiosity: This new tool for guided analysis is designed to promote faster data adoption and data curiosity across the organization by delivering a seamless experience that allows business users and data analysts alike to more easily move through data analysis, exploration, manipulation and visualization, in one easy-to-use interface.
  • Natural Language (NLG) in Narrative Cards generates easy-to-understand data stories: Domo expands the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically run complex analysis on your data and present the story of that data in the language of your business, making sure your data stories will be more useful, more understandable and more relevant to your audience. NLG reduces the likelihood of data misinterpretation with simple, easy-to-understand narratives so everyone can intuitively understand your data insights.
  • DDX Bricks allows anyone to create and deploy apps for modern BI with drag-and-drop simplicity: The Domo Data Experience (DDX) is an extension of the Domo App Framework and DDX Bricks are pre-built, reusable code blocks that enable anyone in an organization, including those with little-to-no coding experience, the ability to build and deploy custom visualizations and apps with drag-and-drop simplicity. DDX Bricks enables all users to be curious about their data: explore data sets, customize visuals, copy-and-paste code from the web, and more, giving everyone – from citizen developers to full stack developers – the ability to innovate and deploy apps in record time.

“The Domo Business Cloud was built on the promise to unlock the value of data for an entire business and ecosystem. Today’s announcement highlights our commitment to reducing the technical barriers to understanding your data, unleashing modern BI for all,” said Catherine Wong, Chief Product Officer and EVP of Engineering at Domo. “At the heart of Domo is data curiosity and data discovery, and we want to ensure a powerful experience with data for all of our users regardless of their technical abilities. By making massive amounts of data understandable and enabling simple data exploration, anyone can make faster decisions that help drive the business forward.”

Cameron Davies, Chief Data Officer at Yum Brands and Domopalooza Keynote Speaker commented, “We’re focused on using our scale as the world’s largest restaurant company, with more than 50,000 restaurants in over 150 countries, to leverage the power of data and analytics and integrate it into the daily decision-making process of the business. We believe it’s our responsibility to enable our employees with the tools that will drive their data agility and literacy, and promote intelligent action to further our business goals. What we’ve admired about Domo is how the team continues to listen to us – the customers – and takes that feedback to make the Domo platform that much more powerful yet easy-to-use. We’re excited to extend these new features to our employees and enable better leverage of our business data.”

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