Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Domo Takes Embedded Analytics to The Next Level

Organizations can now OEM Domo’s modern BI platform to monetize high-value data assets and create better customer experiences with Domo Everywhere

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – Today at Domopalooza, Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) introduced new capabilities that take embedded analytics to the next level by making it easy for organizations to extend the value of their data and the full power of Domo’s modern BI platform to their customers, partners and suppliers. With these new Domo Everywhere capabilities, Domo goes beyond traditional read-only dashboards, as well as its current ability to embed interactive content, to help organizations leverage an OEM-caliber, fully branded and complete analytics experience that can simplify external data sharing, monetize high-value data assets and strengthen the governance of sensitive data.

According to a recent Dresner Advisory Services market study, 89% of organizations rate embedded analytics as a critical or very important BI strategy for their business over the next two years.

“Well-implemented embedded capabilities support and promote information democracy by making it easier for more users to have greater access to these insights exactly when they need them,” said Howard Dresner, Founder and Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services. “While our research shows that most organizations are prioritizing embedded analytics for better internal data participation, Domo’s new capabilities that highlight an opportunity for organizations to innovate and drive higher BI leverage across an entire ecosystem of customers, partners and suppliers can also be extremely valuable.”

As an example, a major retailer can now use Domo Everywhere to offer new data products to its suppliers. In this case, category sales data could be made available to help suppliers understand product movement for each store or region and know how they compare across the category. With the full power of the Domo platform available, the supplier can now set alerts to be notified when their share of sales increases or decreases by a certain percentage. They can also bring their own data sets into the data fabric to understand relationships between marketing activity and product sales in any store or region, empowering them to impact their own brand performance with timely action.

Since Domo Everywhere is built on the Domo platform it is easy to deploy at scale and it integrates with the identity-based attributes a customer already has in place, like partner IDs or categories, and uses them to permission data and content dynamically so third parties only see what they should.

Charles Larkin, Director of Data Analytics and a leader in Emerson’s cold chain business, commented, “With Domo Everywhere, we are currently leveraging massive amounts data to create differentiated offerings that our customers highly value. Domo’s new capabilities are exciting because they offer the ability to drive even greater data participation and engagement from our customers through a highly personalized and interactive solution.”

“Customers repeatedly share with us how data is helping them innovate and drive more value for their customers. We believe these new Domo Everywhere capabilities are game changers for companies looking to innovate and drive more value from modern BI,” said Daren Thayne, Chief Technology Officer, Domo. “Delivering value in record time is part of what makes Domo unique, and with Domo Everywhere, customers can leverage a single publication to deploy to thousands of external subscribers, making it easy for customers to get more leverage from existing data assets.”

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